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Fig and Thistle is now accepting books for review consideration from publishers, authors, and agents. If you are interested in being considered for review please contact me at figandthistlebooks(at)gmail(dot)com and keep in mind the following:

  • All books reviewed on Fig and Thistle are borrowed from friends, checked out from the library, or purchased by me. I will disclose in my review post when a book has been submitted for review.
  • Finished copies will be passed on to other book bloggers or donated to the library. I work in a small academic library and books that cannot be integrated into the collection will be donated to Better World Books or placed in a library fundraising book sale. Of course, I will honor any guidelines set by the publisher/author.
  • I am a straight up print reader. I have a richer reading experience and can offer a more thoughtful review with print. I tend to gloss over e-books. Audiobooks hate me.
  • I especially love historical fiction (non-romance), literary fiction, poetry, essays, and would love to review “lost” classics. As a sexual trauma survivor, I do not read books with explicit sexual violence.
  • I would love to review cookbooks as I enjoy cooking and baking.
  • I do not participate in blog tours.
  • Fig and Thistle is ad-free and I do not work with an affiliate. The books I review are reviewed because I love to read. I rarely review a book with two stars or below unless I find something egregious that should be noted. In other words, don’t send me sexist twaddle. It will be skewered. If it is simply a case of not appealing to my personal reading tastes I will not review the book and donate my copy.
  • Rating Rationale: When I rate a book I take into account the plot, characters, and the compelling nature of the piece. I also rate it on structural beauty and editing. Poorly edited pieces will not garner a good review.
  • Rating Scale:
    5 Stars: a new favorite, would re-read, highly recommend
    4 Stars: enjoyed, would try more from this author
    3 Stars: a good book, but not necessarily one I would revisit
    2 Stars: underwhelmed
    1 Stars: strong dislike



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