Scribbles: 6 November 2016


*Deep Breath*

Let’s try a return to normal.

Weather: 54, cloudy

Location: At work and taking a quick coffee break. I really shouldn’t drink coffee this late, but the time change has me all mixed up. The kids woke at 5:30 this morning and didn’t quite understand the concept of sleeping in an extra hour.

Reading: I’m a third of the way through Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive. To be honest, words are difficult to retain in my sieve like brain at the moment, but I’m taking notes and should have a review up soon.

Writing: What’s that?

Listening: I’ve started listening to my classic Christmas tunes and Sufjan Stevens holiday albums. Tomorrow I may break out the Johnny Mathis.

Watching: Y’all I am watching an episode or two of Murder She Wrote every night before bed. I AM ADDICTED. I have a post brewing in my brain about Jessica Fletcher being a bad ass feminist. The great thing about this show is that it settles me before bed. Mystery and murder, no gore, and LORD there are so many windbreakers and taffeta curtains!

Cooking: I really need to do a full blog post, but thank heavens for once a month cooking! Not having to worry about dinner and tons of dishes has been a god send. Dinner aside, I’ve eaten far too much junk (hello, stress eating) and gained a good 15 pounds. I’m about to do my next round of cooking and I’ll be focusing on more whole foods and vegetarian cuisine. I’m also trying to plan snacks with a bit more care.

Blogging: I’m going to try. We’ll see.

Plans for tonight: Finish a few work tasks and close up the library. Go home and shower. Read a bit. Sleep. Wake up and do it all again tomorrow.



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