Keep Her Safe: A Fund for my Daughter


Hi all.

I’ve been gone for longer than expected. My family is living a nightmare right now and I just didn’t know how to write.

My teenaged daughter is being stalked and has been hurt by a young man. I cannot divulge the particulars of her case, but we have filed a police report and obtained a Temporary Protection Order. I’m not more forthcoming with details to protect her privacy and to not hinder the investigation.

We’ve started a GoFundMe account for her to help with attorney fees and other expenses. Why attorney fees? Because I know how women are treated in these types of cases and there is a chance that during the hearing to extend the Temporary Protection Order the perp could be there and she would have to testify in front of him and the entire courtroom. I want someone there with legal expertise. We have a kick-ass feminist attorney recommended to us and we’re meeting with her today.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe. If you cannot give, please consider sharing.



  1. Oh, I saw something about this on Facebook earlier but I didn’t have time to click through. Didn’t make the connection at the time. I am so sorry this has happened, but sounds like she has great support!!

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