Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon


Whelp, we’re all moved in to our new home. A few more pictures and lights up and there will be a full post on the new place. I’ve been so productive these past few weeks, but at the expense of my reading. I have read a damn thing in two weeks. I finally accepted that Germinal needed to go back on the shelf, because I’m in a new place and want to start a different book (I’m so fickle).

In fact, I’m so scattered I don’t even know if I signed up for this weekend’s readathon yet. So, here we are. This year I’m stepping back from helping. I need this chance for some down time. I’m eager to spend the day chugging coffee and reading. I’ll be sending Sam and the kids to a family fall festival at the school (although I have some guilt about not going with them).

On to readathon plans! First up, I did a bullet journal spread for readathon this year:


Shout out to Andi’s sweet sticker shop for the bitchin stickers. I never thought I’d be a planner sticker gal, but I am HOOKED.

I’ve assembled a book pile with the hope of completing at least three of the six books:


Let me know if and where you’ll be readathoning and I’ll make sure to stop in and say hello! Happy Reading!



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