I had an urge to blog…

… so I decided to jump on it.

There’s been very little poetry writing, reading of any sort, crocheting, or – obviously – blogging for me this month. I’m actually not too worried about it because I’ve had an amazingly productive October thus far.

First of all I have been professional AF. I attended our state library association’s annual conference last week. The sessions were great, but honestly hanging out with my good friends Erin, Catherine, Kim, and the rest of the rad librarian gang was the best. At the conference I co-presented on a student-employee management system I developed with our research and instruction team. I was elected vice-chair of the paraprofessional division. In addition, I slayed at a major marketing campaign back at the library and I was asked by a BIG academic publisher to review a book proposal. Oh yeah, and I applied to library school. I’m slightly paranoid that all my materials won’t be in by the admission deadline of Saturday. I priority 2-day shipped my transcript and now the tracking number isn’t working. Oh well. The worst thing that could happen is that I apply for the fall of 2017 instead of the spring of 2017 as originally planned.


A colleague snapped a picture of me presenting (aka terrified and faking my way through the entire thing).

Second big thing in October: MOVING. On Saturday we’re moving from our apartment to a town home in the same complex. We’ve liked our apartment until about eight months ago. We got some new upstairs neighbors and they are stomping and slamming and rowdy from 8pm until 6am every damn day. We’ve also kind of outgrown out apartment. There isn’t a safe place to play outdoors, the entry way to the building is disgusting, and I’m pretty sure someone in this building is selling dope given there are so many people coming and going at all hours.

The town home will give us an increase of about 300 square feet. It has two and a half baths, a gas fireplace, big windows, a lovely view, carport and storage, and space for the kids to play indoors and outdoors. Some quick pics of the new place:

That space by the fireplace is part of a long room that has the dining room on one end near the kitchen . That little fireplace area will be my writing spot. Tomorrow is a full day with packing and a trip to the vet for Beau. Sam is taking his GACE exam and is presenting a state art educators conference. We’re busy, y’all.

I can already feel a big swell of calm from settling things down. I go back to work on Monday and will be working on my normal work load (one last marketing push, but no more presentations and projects for a bit). I’ve planned some fallish, fun things for later in the month. There’s readathon approaching (I’m just reading this year). I did my first Once a Month Cooking blitz since 2010 (when I was nesting with Atticus) and I’m planning on blogging about it.

Blogging. Yes. I’m back at it again with the blog plans. Expect more posts!



  1. I’m so excited for you on the move! It’s nice that you aren’t having to haul stuff very far away, too. Yay for extra space!

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