Hello, October


Thank the heavens October is here. September was a weird, weird month. When I look back over my calendar for September it seems like a normal month with the same level of activity. In truth, I’ve been emotionally drained since my Grandfather passed in July. Grieving his passing and then moving into a busy season at work and home knocked me for a loop. Hope had knee surgery and took longer than expected to recover, work was insanely busy, the cat had stitches, Atticus had significant issues starting Kindergarten, and I was rejected from graduate school. God heavens. I didn’t read jack, I couldn’t write, and I was barely staying afloat.

Now, a new month, a fresh page, and a discernible crispness in the air. Let’s see what’s on my agenda for October:

  • I’m attending a library conference at the end of this week and co-presenting on a management game involving our student-employees and Harry Potter. Oddly enough the biggest challenge for me with this conference is planning how I will maintain sobriety. I completely abstain from alcohol after I learned I have Bipolar II, but I feel like everyone around me has plans to drink. I’ve booked a room with one of my dearest and most understanding friends away from the party hotel and I have plans to meet up with another pal one night for dinner. I’m looking forward to squeezing some reading and writing in during the early morning and late night hours.
  • The week after the conference I’m only working my Sunday shift at the library and then I’m taking some vacation days. I use the phrase vacation lightly. I’ve plans to do a once a month cooking session and I’m planning on packing up to move house.
  • On Saturday, 15 October, we move. I’m so excited to be in a town home and be done with people stomping above me at all hours of the night. We’ll have a bit more room, a larger porch, a gas fireplace, and the most beautiful trees that turn crimson-tipped in late October. I cannot wait to show you all the trees.
  • October 15th is also the day my graduate school file needs to be complete. I’ve decided to take the plunge and go for my Masters in Library and Information Science. If I get rejected from this school I really will be depressed.
  • Readathon is happening on October 22nd and I’m stoked for it.
  • Speaking of reading, I’ve made it my goal to read at least 50 pages a day in October in an effort to jump start my reading. Of course, it is October 2nd and I don’t think I’ll get to read tonight, but whatever. I’m making the effort.
  • The kids have some great stuff coming up. Atticus will turn 6 at the end of the month and I’m planning a space-themed party. Hope is getting her braces, which she is excited about. Atticus and Hope have a few days of fall break and then Persy has fall break the following week. This means each kiddo should have a little bit of one-on-one time with mom.
  • I’m still working on some poems and a crocheted blanket here and there. You know, in my free time.

I’m feeling really good about October. Cheers to pumpkin spice lattes and cool evenings with a book and a quilt.




  1. This sounds like a lot of good, new beginnings this October. I hope it all goes smoothly and that it feels like a fresh new start! And I can’t wait to see the pictures of the trees. My lovely yellow one has already dropped all of its leaves and I’m feeling a bit sad!

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, truly. Having lost two grandfathers when I was young, I know that it isn’t easy getting over, if ever. Being a library assistant, I guess I didn’t realize that library conferences were such party atmospheres. So they’re not all just sipping tea? 🙂 Vacation days are always good. I get few and far in between, but when I get them, I take advantage: usually reading, naturally. I’m also participating in the readathon, one of the rare times it falls when I’m not working on a Saturday. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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