Crazy About Autumn


Georgia is still hot and humid, but we have had some teases of rain with cooler winds hinting at autumn. The leaves are just starting to turn. I’m excited for our move in October (to a town home in the same apartment complex) because the sidewalk in front is lined with trees that turn fiery orange and red in autumn. From the back porch is a clear view to the mountains and the lake.

I’ve had my fair share of pumpkin spice lattes, but I’m really behaving and only buying one on Friday and then sometimes picking up one if I am working a closing shift. I’ve made some delicious soups and the recipes are forthcoming on Fig and Thistle. I’m crocheting a blanket in the evenings. Listening to loads of Keaton Henson. Dreaming of autumn clothes.

Well, I have some autumn clothes. I’m waiting until the weather dips below 80 to wear them and I don’t care if I sweat. I bought two pairs of sumptuous skinny corduroy pants from ModCloth and I cannot wait to wear them. My favorite fall purchase so far is this bag:



I love it! Everything fits so nicely in my bag. I’m not a purse person; I have to have a tote bag or satchel for all of my books and notebooks or I feel naked. The navy and fox pattern on this one hints at autumn woodlands so I really dig it.



  1. Love the bag – anything navy with a pattern usually catches my eye. I’m so ready for fall I can’t stand it — 99 degrees here yesterday which is insanely hot for this late in September!

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