Crazy about Autumn


Can you guess my favorite season?

Go ahead and guess… I’ll wait right here.

AUTUMN, duh. Yeah I know autumn doesn’t “officially” begin until later in the month and yeah it is still in the 80s in Georgia, but WHATEVER. I’ll make autumn work for me. Hence my autumn themed bullet journal, the pumpkin oatmeal cookies I baked with the kids this weekend, the cocoa, and the pumpkin spice candle.

Because I am one of those folks into Instagramming cozy pics of hot beverages and warm-hued blankets you better believe there will be tons of autumnal goodness saturating Fig and Thistle. I’ll be popping in periodically to blog about my autumn indulgences (could I maybe type the word autumn more? autumnautumnautumn). I’m also about to start up my season of soup posts. So much soup. Much warm belly. Good thing the library is constantly freezing; it helps me pretend the weather is cool. Grab a pumpkin spice latte, don a sweater, and join me in fangirling over dead leaves.



  1. I need to practice my soup-making skills because I have yet to make one that I really like. They’re either too much of just “stuff in broth” or else too mushy or over-cooked. If you have soup tips, feel free to write a post about them. 😉
    Also, our weather turned this weekend (as in, it dropped 30 degrees and there are leaves falling) and I immediately started baking. It’s definitely unavoidable!

  2. I love autumn too, and – on the first day of the month I was out in the garden and thinking about meteorological autumn which started on 1st September, which I was glad at, then I found myself thinking autumn doesn’t *really* start until the 22nd, then – I swear to you – I thought of you and thought “Well, Amanda would class the first day of autumn as now so I’m not alone”! I think I remembered you post from last year or the year before on the matter 🙂

  3. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Though I do despise winter, so it’s a little bittersweet in that regard. I’m just so excited for sweaters and scarves and pumpkins and foggy weather.

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