… is it me you’re looking for?

I toyed with shutting down the blog, deleting half the blog, opening a new blog, etc… I finally decided to just say fuck it and see where I land. I think maybe I had too much going on and had no more fucks to give blogging.

Right now I’m serenaded by shattering glass. A half-dozen men are replacing the windows in our apartment building. Back in 1968 when the windows were last replaced, they set them into the brick of the building. The men are smashing the glass with crowbars and working out large slivers of window out of the frame. It looks like fun. I’d love to smash a window one good time.

Beau Kitty and Hope are tucked away in her bedroom. Hope had knee surgery today for some plica inflammation in her knee. Beau had stitches today. We woke up this morning to a bloody cat who had somehow sliced his back clean open (not from windows, that didn’t start until this afternoon). Sam missed a few minutes of class – first day back for this college term – to take the cat to the vet and shell out $500 for stitches and antibiotic injections.

Work is insane. I’m off for most of this week to tend to Hope, but it is the busy start to the semester and I have jury duty coming up the week after next.

And I co-presented a webinar on library marketing for 800+ people this month.

And I’m neck deep in other work.

And I applied to grad school.

And Atticus and Persy are in ballet.

And Atticus has had some Kindergarten growing pains.

And Persy called me a vagina head yesterday when I asked her to not call people a butt head.

And I had another poem rejected yesterday, which makes me think I should throw in the towel, but I can’t because I CANNOT QUIT WRITING.

So yeah, my plate is full…


… but I’m planning on posting again this week.






  1. I’m glad to see you’re sticking around. Blogging can be so much pressure. I’m trying hard to take some pressure off of it and just post when I want to. It’s tough!

    Don’t quit writing! Keep on trying. You are very talented and you love it. 🙂

    Good luck with the grad school app!

  2. So, it sounds like life is a bit full at the moment. But you sound like you are in a good spot – whether intentional or not – and that makes me happy for you. I hope the invalids are on the mend and that things settle down for you a bit!

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