Readerly Rambles: 25 July 2016

There’s still a week left of July, but I already feel the need to look at my July reading and start making a pile for August.

#24in48I had plans to participate in the 24in48 readathon and I guess you could say I did participate. I got about four hours of reading done, which was enough to get me into a book and bust my reading slump. I’m declaring that a success!

What I read: Considering I had major life disruptions July was a fairly good reading month. This month I read:

  1. The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath 
  2. Blind Huber: Poems by Nick Flynn
  3. The Colossus and Other Poems by Sylvia Plath
  4. The Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Farolito, A Wedding in St. Roch, The Big Box Store, The Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All by C.D. Wright
  5. All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

What’s in Progress: I’m wrapping up July with a graphic novel, Jillian Tamaki’s This One Summer, and a classic, The Wind in the Willows. Seven books total for July. Not too shabby.

What’s Up Next: Ye Olde TBR for August

I’m only putting four books on my list because A Clash of Kings is huge and August is an odd back-to-school flurry of activity. In addition I plan on reading one to three poetry collections (depending on how things go) and I like to play fast and loose when picking poetry books.

Let me know what you enjoyed reading in July and if there is anything I should add to my radar for August (or later). 

Happy Reading!




  1. Have a great reading month in August! I really like the Game of Thrones show, but it took me a season to get into it and I figure the books are the same… I didn’t like book 1 enough to carry on, but probably need to give it another try.

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