What I’m Loving: 18 July 2016

Now it’s time to focus on some things I’m loving in life. I’ve pulled some my favorites from the past few weeks.


Friendship: This is my sister-from-another-mister, Shannon. A few weeks ago we had an introvert day (together). We enjoyed great conversation, delicious food, book shopping, and – of course – coffee.



Books: I haven’t read a book in about a week, but this is the delicious stack I picked up when I was out with Shannon.



Editor Cat: I’ve enjoyed sneaking in some time to write (maybe one day I’ll actually be in print) and I couldn’t do it with out my intrepid editor cat, Beau.


Introverting: I didn’t get much time to myself last week  and I’ve decided that this week will be my week to cherish every single minute of solitude I can scrounge up. Obviously my favorite way to introvert is with book, cat, and coffee.

Dresses: I need to remember that I feel better when I dress up. You cannot see my wicked boots in the second picture, but click here for a glimpse.


Sam: He holds down the fort when I grieve, he let’s me sleep in after a bad night, he brews me coffee, and he gives the best damn bear hugs.


Athens, Georgia: Because that place is filled with nerds of the best sort.

Let me know what you’re loving this week! 



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