Meals for the Week, vol. 3

I had to rejig some meals this week due to NOT CARING. Tonight I’m making chicken nuggets for the kids and salmon for us adults. We’ll have some roasted mushrooms and summer squash and Caesar salad. Tomorrow night I’m making lemon pepper chicken, rice, and broccoli. Now, onto next week.

Lunches for work: Buddha Bowl

Sunday 06/26: Dinner with friends. They’re cooking out and we’re bringing along pasta salad and a dessert (maybe banana pudding?)

Monday 06/27: Pizza night

Tuesday 06/28: Baked chicken breasts with red onions, brussel sprouts, yellow squash, and zucchini / macaroni and cheese (from a box)

Wednesday 06/29: Mushroom and Gruyere toast for the adults (it is like a fancy grilled cheese) and grilled cheese for the kids / Curried Tomato soup

Thursday 06/30: Spinach Ricotta Pasta / Salad / Garlic Bread

Friday 07/01: Vegetable Stirfry with Lemon Ginger Sauce / Jasmine Rice

Saturday 07/02: Honey Mustard Chicken with Turmeric / Corn on the cob / Steamed Kale



  1. I needed this inspiration. Heather snagged the Buddha Bowl recipe before I’d gotten off my arse to comment and shared it with me last week. They look SO GOOD. Definitely gonna use this as a primer for some future bowls. I especially like eating stuff like this for lunch because we often “fend” for ourselves at lunch and hubs doesn’t love raw veggies. More for me!

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