Announcement: Camp LeaveMeAlone


I have plans for the Fourth of July. Sorta. My plans are to make fun picnic food, swim with the kids, and watch the fireworks over the lake outside our apartment (the folks in the fancy lake houses always put on a terrific show).

But the next day is a super exciting day. I’m on vacation. I’m not going anywhere and I have next to no money. Instead it is my seasonal introvertcation. The kids go to daycare, my teen is being exiled to grandma’s house, and Sam will be at work. This year my introvertcation is taking on a new title, CampLeaveMeAlone. I’m picturing swimming in the morning, long naps, reading, Netflix marathons, and utter solitude. During that week I am hanging out with my friend, Shannon, for one day but she is an absolute introvert. We’ll drink coffee, have deep conversations, and enjoy companionable silence.

I won’t be unplugging entirely from the internet because there will be CampLeaveMeAlone updates at the end of the day and so many Instagram pictures, because you allΒ need to know how long I can avoid changing out of pajamas. 15 days, y’all ,15 days.





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