Reading Challenge Check In!

I had this crazy idea that checking-in on reading challenges once a month may help me finish challenges. My tendency is to start out gung-ho and then lose stem and forget about challenges until November; then I panic.

Let’s take a look at what’s in progress:

  • Classics Club SpinI’ll be reading Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince and I have until August 1st to read that one.
  • Virago Project: On hiatus until I feel less stabby towards Willa Cather.
  • #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks: I’ve read 29 books so far. 15 borrowed (from the library or friends) and 14 from my stacks. I consider this a success. I’m looking for 50/50 split between books from my stacks and library books.
  • Graphic Novels and Manga Challenge: I’ve read seven graphic novels and my goal was to complete 12. More than halfway there!
  • Back to the Classics Challenge: I’ve only read in two of the 12 categories. I’m behind! Time to pick up some classics and get my butt in gear.
  • Victorian Bingo Challenge: ZERO squares completed. I have not read a single Victorian this year. Who am I?
  • 20 Books of Summer: I’m in the middle of my first two books. Progress!

I had three other readalongs/challenges I planned on participating in when I made my original list in January. I’ve pretty much decided those are out. This summer I’ll focus on the above challenges (with the exception of Virago) and then reassess in September. Autumn will bring the Readers Imbibing Peril challenge, Readathon, and NonFiction November. I also hope to do a 20 books of autumn goal. But for now, summer reading.



  1. I, too, have abandoned all else to wallow in and enjoy my summer reading. And, like you, I have yet to complete one Victorian title. I started a Trollope (may have already mentioned this) and set it aside for a bit and it is still sitting…oops. Ah well, it will be there whenever I get back to it. 🙂
    Happy reading to you!

  2. Goodness me, I wouldn’t be able to keep track of that many! I’m on track with my Dorothy Richardson Pilgrimage readalong and on books 6 and 7 of 20 Books of Summer (but they’re taking a while after a sprint through the first five!). Woolfalong is going OK, too, and that’s it. I haven’t done a Trollope in a long time and I think that’s because that isn’t a structured challenge as such.

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