A Sense of Style: “Fatshion” Blogging

I realized that I left my fashion posts lapse. As in, I think I only did one or two before I became too self-conscious to carry on. I think I couldn’t figure out what to write about beyond HERE ARE CLOTHES ON MY BODY, Y’ALL. I have some other things to say about clothes and how they fit and make me feel, so I’m attempting fashion posts once again.

This all started last June when I decided to quit waiting to have a “perfect” bodyI’m still trying to balance losing weight for mental health reasons, embracing my own fat body, and balancing what feels like conflicting goals and emotions (can I be a body positive fat feminist while losing weight? While trying to lose weight?). Y’all these things keep me up at night.

Anyhoo, I ditched clothing that didn’t fit or that I didn’t like. I made a color palette to help guide my purchasing, set a budget, and started buying clothes that make me feel great. I wrote my first fashion post, and then I didn’t really blog much about clothes.

I thought I’d update everyone on what I’ve learned about myself and fashion.

  • I’ve learned what I like and what works. Cardigans, dresses, tunics, leggings, and skinny pants, flats, boots, necklaces.
  • Skirts are weird. I have several skirts and I like how they look in theory. BUT, I have “junk in the trunk.” What happens is my skirt is shorter in the back than the front when I sit it at my natural waist. When I do the trendy hike the skirt and belt it sort of under my boobs it feels weird when I get up from my desk. I end up adjusting my skirts all day. I’m wearing the skirts I have, but I probably won’t buy any more for a bit.
  • I’m pretty good with working a budget: I set aside a bit of money two or three times a year for clothes, make a list of what I need and what I’m looking for, and then shop sales. I’m still in love with ModCloth due to the quality, quickness, and cuteness of the clothes.

I have a backlog of outfit photos, so for a few weeks I’ll be working through those.


This outfit is from January 27th. Yeah, I told you I have a back log!

Dress: Lighthearted Lecture dress in Leaves from ModCloth. Originally $84.99 and I bought it on final sale for $25.99 (70% off!). It doesn’t show well in this picture, but the red and blue leaves in this dress really pop. This is a wrap dress, but I don’t have to pin it shut to keep from throwing my boobs out of the dress. I’m also wearing black leggings from ModCloth.

Cardigan: Lane Bryant. I really like their cardigans and I don’t like much at Lane Bryant. Next time I order a cardigan I’m going to go down a size. I have this cardigan in blue as well.

This outfit is comfortable, warm, and I felt really put together. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a turquoise cardigan the right shade to bring out the blues in the leaves.

There we go. An outfit post. AT LAST!



  1. I always think I want to post about this kind of thing more, and then always fail to do so. I’m thinking about trying to make a monthly post with outfits from the month (assuming I have any…)

  2. I love these and I feel your pain on the whole what keeps you up at night thoughts. I too struggle with wanting to lose weight for health reasons and wanting to love my body the way it is. I actually bought shorts this week in an effort to embrace who I am. I will be staying at a resort with a water park all next week, and I am nervous about putting on a bathing suit. I haven’t shown my body like that in about five years – preferring to cover up in shame rather than have fun. It doesn’t help I will be surrounded by svelte and fit dancers and other dance moms, but I am determined to get over it. We shall see!

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