Scribbles: 5 June 2016

Weather: 76 and cloudy. Thunderstorms expected later today.

Location: Local Starbucks (Sundays are too full of teens at Inman Perk). Just finished drinking a grande flat white.

Reading: Still reading Jane Steele. Finished Uses of the Body by Deborah Landau on Friday. Finished The Rise in the Fall, a poetry collection by Ana Božičević. Still digesting what I think about that collection.

Listening: “The Sun Roars into View” by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld.

Cooking: Last night I made a veggie pasta bake. Tonight I’m making a vegetarian taco quinoa bake to serve with chips and salsa.

Blogging: So far so good with my #99daysofblogging challenge! I like all my new blog post images I made in Canva and I’m thinking about changing my template a bit.

Writing: I have two submissions to prep for this week. One is due tomorrow and the other is due on Tuesday. I’ve started tracking submissions in Duotrope and it is pretty nifty for tracking purposes and learning about new writing opportunities. Wrote one new poem last week and edited several drafts.

Family Updates: 

  • Sam: Work. Kids. Art. Repeat. We’re enjoying his break from school and watching a series on YouTube called “What do artists do all day?”
  • Hope: She scorched herself at the pool on Friday and I’ve forbidden her from going to the pool until she is better and learns to listen to her mom. Also, from what I can tell her summer is going well. Lots of sleeping, snapchatting, and – once she is well again – time at the pool.
  • Atticus: Atticus reminds me of a wee adult. Yesterday I went to get my hair dyed and when I came back every one in the house (Sam, Hope, and Persy) were all sleeping. Atticus was CLEANING THE HOUSE. He tidied his room and the living room and sorted the laundry. Then he got a baby wipe and started surface dusting. He explained that he wanted to clean while everyone was asleep and out of the way. Also last night he said he wanted to meditate before bed. He sat on the floor, then moved to the couch so I could vacuum, and spent a grand 15 minutes doing some gentle stretches and then doing yoga. Then he wanted to read a book and get “cozy for bed.”
  • Persy Jane: Had her first accident since she started wearing undies to bed instead of pull-ups. Of course she didn’t pee in her bed. She peed in my bed. She stayed asleep the entire time I changed her jammies, wiped her down, moved her to her own bed, stripped the bedding and started laundry around 1 in the morning. This morning she had no memory of it and was upset she wet the bed. Atticus winked at me, told her he wet the bed too, and then whispered loudly that he wanted her to feel better so he was pretending he wet the bed also. Heart melt.

Plans for the rest of the day: Get gas, play with kids, cook dinner, read, hand with Sam, LAUNDRY.

Plans for tomorrow: Send in two submissions, blog, write belated thank you notes from my birthday ages ago, more laundry.





  1. You are indeed doing great on the blogging. I’ve been quite a bit behind on reading/commenting lately. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Jane Steele – I have it on my summer reading list. Loved reading about Atticus. My second daughter is like that, and always has been. It’s nice to have at least *one* that likes to clean!

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