Month in Review: May

If I had to pick a theme for May it would be, “End of the School Year Shenanigans with Generous Dollops of Introverting.”

  • Atticus had a big month. Kindergarten assessment, a ballet recital, and Pre-K graduation.
  • Persy Jane is completely and totally potty-trained!
  • Hope said bye Felicia to tenth grade, we spent a lot of time shopping for summer clothes, and I pretty much never see her because she lives at the pool.
  • Sam is done with classes until August. He is back to janitorial work and teaching art for the summer.
  • I entered the black hole of summer at work. Not in a bad way, rather I feel consumed by projects that need to get done before ILL ramps back up in July. We are really light on students being physically in the building, I get neck deep in projects, and then I emerge eight hours later blinking in the sun.
  • I did a pop-up library at a faculty assessment retreat that is officially one of my favorite things I did this year at work.
  • I saw Explosions in the Sky with my friend Catherine. The show was amazing, we drank so much (coffee) and we ate really good Pho.
  • We went to two picnics and had fun outdoors with the kids.
  • I maintained a fairly rigorous writing schedule and devoted a minimum of 10 hours a week to writing and editing poems.
  • I read four books; that’s one novel and three poetry collections.

My calendar is less hectic this month, so I’m hoping to spend more time at the pool, get back to yoga practice, read a bit, and take more naps. I guess summer isn’t so bad.



  1. I used to be SO busy in the summer when I worked at the university library, getting all the reading list books in, and everyone thought we had the summer off! Have fun getting back into your yoga. I’ve got back into mine after 8 weeks off following an accident – very hard at first but extremely rewarding.

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