Meals for the Week, vol. 1


Friday: Vegetable Pasta Bake / Strawberries

Saturday: Lemon Thyme Chicken / Rice / Cantaloupe

Sunday: Cheesy Black Bean Quinoa Taco Bake / Tortilla Chips

Monday: Asparagus and Arugula Pasta / Peaches

Tuesday: Pesto Salmon with Italian Veggies

Wednesday: Burrito Bowls / Tortilla Chips

Thursday: Chicken Alfredo / Garlic Bread / Salad





  1. LOVE all the veggies and fruit here. I told my kids today that fruit = dessert. There’s just been WAY too much ice cream and sugar in my house and it’s got to go. I’m just going to flat out steal a few of your menu ideas. I need some fresh ideas and I’m tired of “gimmicky” recipes. Yours sound fresh and good for us. Bless you for publishing them!

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