A Day in the Life: 15 May 2016

Back in March during Trish’s Day in the Life event I got to thinking about how different my days look. I decided to document the 15th of each month for kicks and giggles. I remembered at 9 pm on April 15th and vowed I would not forget this month. Here we are… let’s get started.


12:00 am – How is that for a start! I was in Little Five Points at Variety Playhouse with my good friend Catherine for a late night Shaky Knees show. The opening band was The Disappears and they had a moody Sonic Youth vibe.


1:00 am – Explosions in the Sky! One of my most favorite bands and this was my third time seeing them live. It was amazing. I told Catherine that I was pretty sure that’s what it sounded like when God made the world.


2:15 am – done! Time to head back to the bowels of north Georgia.


3:30 am – home. I ate a few leftover chicken nuggets, showered and went to bed. Hope was at her grandparents’ for the weekend, so Catherine stayed in her room.

4:00 am – bed


9:07 am – coffee. The kids woke at 6 and Sam got up with them. I made coffee when I woke and Sam took the kids out for a bit. Catherine was up just before 10 and we enjoyed our coffee and time to chat.


10:30 am – meltdowns. After the kids had been home for 10 minutes they collectively lost their minds. Catherine left in the chaos so I could calm the kids and give out hugs.

11:30 am – Hope’s home! There was much rejoicing.


12:10 pm – Get ready and leave for Atticus’s ballet recital.


2:00 pm – ballet recital! We didn’t take pictures during the recital, but we snagged a selfie before the show.



3:45 pm – home. A few pics with daddy and memaw before the ride home.


4:15 pm – Once we got home the kids had a snack and changed and I ate a quick sandwich for a late lunch. Then Sam took them to the park while I napped.


5:45 pm – Now the madness of dinner, baths, chores, and getting the kids ready for bed. All the littles were out by 8.


8:23 pm – I spent the evening listening to music then around 9 Sam and I had ice cream and chatted. I was in bed by 10:30.

An excellent day, but certainly outside of the norm for me. I was tuckered!



  1. What a great day to record! And I agree with Amanda – recording one day a month will be interesting to see – I’m guessing the variety will be amazing. There’s no such thing as a “normal” day anymore at our house. Does anybody have those?
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. What a great idea to keep this up. I have been thinking about doing another one myself because I am curious to see what today looks like compared to the last event… I look forward to seeing your next month!

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