Caution: Solitude in Progress

I swear that ten day blog break was totally unintentional. At the end of April I planned posts for May, fully intended to participate in Bout of Books, and was feeling energized about blogging.

There have been a few things simmering in the background that all came to a head at the beginning of May. Some of these things are good, some of these things are not so good. I do know that I was suddenly weary of hasty words. Facebook articles. Tweets. Attempts at devising blog posts that are clever, creative, and complete with on point pictures and images.

The first thing I did was to silence my Facebook page. I unfollowed EVERYONE. Even my husband. I’m still “friends” with these folks, but I don’t see their posts and shares. Right now my Facebook feed is filled with literary journals, the news, and art. About once a day I’ll pick a friend to “visit” and go to their page to get the scoop. I find I spend less time on Facebook (and by some weird extension other forms of social media) and I’m enjoying the quiet.

I’m also clocking in about seven or eight hours of creative writing each week and I have a few things in the works that I’m not quit ready to talk about yet.

I’m here, I’m mentally and physically well, and I’m enjoying a little quiet. All that said I have a blog post planned for tomorrow, but we’ll see if I actually write it or if I choose to write something privately.





  1. I’ve been craving a bit of solitude lately but didn’t think about extending that to the online world. It might be worth a try, see if I can find what I need.

  2. I’m coming real close to a bout of solitude myself. Actually, I’m kinda frantically drafting for the weeks to come as I have a feeling I won’t have much to say in that time…

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