Goodbye, April and Hello, May



April was a full month!

  • It started out with a bang when Sam surprised me and took me to see one of my favorite bands, Crystal Castles, in Athens, GA, as an early birthday gift.
  • I steeped myself in poetry. I wrote over a dozen shitty first drafts of poems, attended a poetry reading with poet Andrea Hollander, explored new literary journals, and read many new (to me) poets.
  • Readathon was amazing. In fact, April was a super good reading month for me. I completed 11 books!
  • I celebrated my 36th birthday, had a lovely birthday lunch with friends, and decided to focus on joy this year.
  • Lots of yoga and delicious, healthy food. I also got a fitbit and may be a little bit obsessed.
  • Completed my first year of therapy and I’ve done so well I don’t need mood stabilizers right now. Yay!
  • We had some unpleasant illnesses and events in April, but I’m choosing to not focus on the negative.

On to May!

  • My May weekends may be busy, but the weekdays should take on a more relaxed pace.
  • Work isn’t as crazy and I’m getting a chance to work on some projects. This includes a pop-up library at a faculty retreat. I’m crazy excited about showing off our awesome collection to our faculty.
  • Atticus has his Kindergarten assessment, a ballet recital, and Pre-K graduation this month.
  • On the 14th I’m hanging out with my friend Catherine (yay for Caturdays!) and we’re seeing Explosions in the Sky.
  • Due to some changes in my schedule and the university’s summer calendar I should have more time to write.
  • The farmer’s market opens at the end of this month and I’m anticipating lots of summer cooking with fresh vegetables.

I hope your month is off to an amazing start!


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