Poetry Month: Update 2

What I read:

Thin week for reading of any kind this week. I had a sinus infection and a tot with a stomach bug. I did devour more Andrea Hollander poetry this week and I wrote about her writing last Monday.

What I wrote:

Only two poems this week. See above. I wrote one poem on my lunch break about trigger warnings. The second poem I barely even have formed. I was exhausted and achy and up with little one at 4 in the morning. I was trying to figure out how to comfort her… water, a change of pjs, hugs, a song? She was sweaty, squirming, and uncomfortable despite my best efforts. Then it reminded me of Sylvia Plath’s poem “Tulips” and of my own experiences waking up and writing at 4 in the morning. I look the squirmy words on paper while I am bleary eyed and think, “what do you need?” Color, shaping, line break, do you want to be a villanelle? Maybe this one will be a villanelle!

Poet of the Week:


Sylvia Plath

What an obvious choice. There’s nothing like a week of wrestling with physical illness, mental illness, motherhood and an attempt at creative life to make one think of nothing but fig trees. This selection also leads up nicely to our poetry magazine of the week.

Poetry Magazine of the Week:

Winter Tangerine


From their website:

Winter Tangerine is a literary & arts magazine dedicated to the electric.

We aim to disrupt the status quo. To amplify the unheard. To account for the unaccounted. To publish the unconventional, confront the uncomfortable, marvel in the mundane.  We crave bitter honey and expired sweets. We believe in the power of art. We won’t apologize.

We want lightning. So go ahead: ignite.

How, you may ask, is this connected to Plath? Their latest e-issue is entitled Reshaping the Bell Jar and it is filled with words about mental illness. The awesomeness doesn’t start there. Winter Tangerine has also been putting out illustrated writing prompts for NaPoWriMo and they have a summer online writer’s workshop. I have so much love for Winter Tangerine.

Poetry Link of the Week:

Not really a link about poetry, but completely applicable to the sort of week I’ve had where I feel like an imposter and more than a little pathetic for even attempting to write. Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about writing with perseverance in this YouTube video and it may be the most inspiring three minutes of my week.

Happy Poetry Month!


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