Scribbles: 9 April 2016


Saturday, 11:11am

Weather: 53 and sunny

Location: Sitting at the dining room table. Sam is off doing homework at Starbucks while the kids play with Grandma, Hope, and their aunt at Chick-fil-a. I’ve had a little over two hours to myself in the still house with sunlight streaming through the window of the back door. Yoga first, now coffee and journaling.

Reading: I’m about 50 pages into The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and I’m absolutely hooked. When the kids go to bed this evening I plan to dig back in. I’m also rereading Sylvia Plath’s Ariel a few poems a day.

Listening to: Right now I’m listening to the tick of the kitchen timer for focus and all the various sounds of our apartment building. It is never completely silent here; there is always the hum of other lives in the walls.

Cooking: A fairly good week of cooking this week. My favorite recipes included a spinach strawberry salad with bleu cheese and poppyseed dressing and a simple portabella pasta (for that one you roast the mushrooms with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and sea salt before slicing them and tossing them in hot pasta with gouda and thyme). I made veggie wraps for my lunch at work and made a huge mess trying to read and eat. Oh the struggle of being a bookworm!

Blogging: An okay week on the blog. An update on March, some readerly rambling, and a planner peek. Then I wrote about the death of my friend Virginia and that took the wind out of me a bit. I didn’t do a recipe on Friday as I had orginially planned; it seemed too . . . daily and consumable after mourning losing Virginia. If that makes any sense.

Making: Oh yes… crocheting… what’s that? This afternoon I’ll settle in to watch a movie with the kids and get a few rows in. There was no crocheting this past week.

Projects: I filed my taxes yesterday; does that count?

Writing: I haven’t done terribly well with waking early and writing, but I have carved out some writing time here and there. I now have seven shitty-first draft poems so I am only two poems behind with NaPoWriMo.

Health: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is where its at. I need to write more about how vastly different and more positive this practice is compared with the “weight loss” yoga I’ve tried in the past.

Family Update: I’ll keep this brief as most of the stuff going on I keep in my journal (good, bad, and inbetween). I did want to let folks know that Sam and I are doing much better. This marriage thing is difficult, but when things start to work out it is completely worth all the work. Hope has been at her grandma’s all week for spring break and I cannot wait to see her today. Atticus had a marvelous week at school during “spring camp” and had lots of time outdoors. Persy Jane is such a little ham. My current favorite Persy Jane antic is her precise impression of both of her teachers.

Plans for the rest of the day: Hair appointment at 1pm. Movie and crocheting on the couch with the kids this afternoon. Lemon Ricotta Chicken with Spinach for dinner. Bedtime cuddles. Reading. Saturday is looking pretty good.




  1. Man I want to come eat with you! That salad and pasta sound amazing. Glad the yoga is going well. And so glad you’re getting on well with Flavia. She’s one of my favs. 🙂

  2. That portabella pasta sounds amazing. I am going to have to try something similar. I love mushrooms and cheese and pasta. It is one of my favorite combinations.

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