April Planner Peek

I thought I’d showcase a bit of how my week is going via my planner. When I feel overwhelmed or I decide I haven’t done “enough” I refocus by looking at what I HAVE accomplished this week.


I went to work this week, had a therapy appointment, and took Hope to the doctor. I’ve washed dishes and cooked healthy dinners each evening. Tickets for Explosions in the Sky were purchased (yay!).


I’ve blogged twice and this post will make a third. I listened to an audiobook chapter. I had several great days for social media content creation. My two hours of solid writing has yielded six poems (shitty first drafts). One more row of crochet was added to my current project. Medicine every single day.  Logged my food. Exercised two days.

Of course this doesn’t include the kid cuddles, baths, stories, work projects, smooches with Sam and convos with friends. Productivity… I has it!

Cheers for focusing on what I’ve accomplished and not letting my “to-do” list control me!



  1. I am still getting into planning and I think I need to tweak mine… I think of it day by day and need to figure out a way to see into the future…

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