Readerly Rambles: 4 April 2016

April TBR show and tell time! Let’s pretend that last month was a marvelous reading month and these are all fresh books. Don’t tell anyone that many of these titles are spill over from last month.


Not pictured: my audio book (yes, I’m still listening to The Little Stranger) and Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady, which is sitting on my desk at work.


This is a small selection of the poetry titles I’m dipping into this month. I have more poetry books headed my way via interlibrary loan and I’ll be updating on Instagram (@nerdybookgirl)  and Snapchat (@nerdybookgirl80) as titles come in. Expect a poetry update on the blog early next week.

Of course this does not include my Readathon TBR pile. You have to wait until closer to the 23rd to get a glimpse of that.

Leave me some links to your April TBR glory!



  1. I also have Library of Souls on my April-ish (spring, anyway) stack. I’m just deciding if I need to reread the first two books. The answer is probably yes because my reading memory is so bad. And there’s actually a new Alan Bradley coming out soon so I might do a whole series reread on that this summer. I love those books so much! My whole reading life is going to be series rereads though.

  2. Looks good. (I always have spillovers from the prior month.) As soon as I got my April list made I saw on my library account that one of my holds is “in transport” – and another one should be coming in soon – so my list was pretty well “hosed” before I ever started reading. I put The Small House at Allington on my list for April – I’m determined to finish the Barchester series this year. I also put a Beverly Cleary title on my list to read in honor of her 100th birthday this month. I’m still not sure what I’m going to put on my Readathon stack…that may be a last minute, mood-of-the-moment decision. Happy reading to you!

  3. NIGHT CIRCUS and SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE are two of my favorite books of all time! I CANNOT wait to see what you think!!!

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