Goodbye, March and Hello, April


Goodbye, March!

Highlights and challenges:

Two major events happened in March. First of all the time changed. This is a big deal when you have small children. Schedules were changed and more time spent outside. The second “event” is that I had a two week long, medicine induced hypomanic episode. This challenged me to reevaluate how I am caring for my body and I spent more time prepping healthy food and exercising. Other stuff that happened in March included a date with Sam, Easter festivities with the kids, coffee with friends and enjoying the spring weather as much as my allergies would permit.

What I read:

Not a stellar month for reading over here! I finished three books and made strong progress on a fourth in March. I read Quiet by Susan Cain, Lifeboat by Kristine Ong Muslim, and The Silver Spoon by John Galsworthy. I read over half of Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman and finished it up on Friday, April 1st.

What I made:

I’m still working on the Charlie Brown baby blanket. My goal is to finish that by the end of April. I was in the kitchen quite a bit in March and packed my lunch more to save money and make healthy choices.

Family Updates:

90% of the kid stuff going on I cannot talk about, so I won’t. #ThisTooShallPass

On the upside everyone is physically healthy and we’ve had many good moments and even more hugs.

Hello, April!


April is already off to a kick-ass start. On Friday afternoon Sam surprised me with tickets to see Crystal Castles. He sold several pieces of art to get the tickets and a sweet friend gifted some financial help with covering babysitting as an early birthday gift. Last night we went to the show and had a blast. We have another date planned for later in the month near my actual birthday. Speaking of my birthday, I’m planning a Barbara Pym themed birthday party for myself. I wish I could invite all my blogosphere friends!

April is also national poetry month and I have my poetry project going. Well, in theory it is going. I have yet to spend time writing. And of course Readathon is happening and I am majorly pumped about that.

Upcoming projects:

Some spring cleaning, a few work projects, crocheting, and my party plans are on the docket for April. Reading, reading must happen in April. I’m beginning to get grumpy from a lack of reading.

April promises loads of focus on writing, yoga, and cooking. I hope all of that translates into many things to share on Fig and Thistle.




  1. I always love your photo collages. So glad everyone is feeling good. I’m so ready for the trees to quit doing their spring thing! And readathon can’t get here soon enough. Here’s hoping April continues with all in good health.

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