Readerly Rambles: 28 March 2016

What I Read:

On Friday I finished up Galsworthy’s The Silver Spoon which I enjoyed much more than The White MonkeyThe Silver Spoon is the fifth novel in the Forsyte Saga and concerns politics, gossip, and generally jabs at genteel hypocrisy and ridiculous double standards for women. I also finished up a poetry collection earlier in the week.

What I’m Reading:

I picked up Atwood’s The Edible Woman yesterday and I’m devouring it. I read it once right after college, but it is so much richer this go. I’m also dipping into a book my therapist recommended about nutrition and mental health. The name escapes me and I’m too lazy to go in there and dig it up. It is some where in my bedroom near my bed. If I go in there I’m going to sleep.

What’s Up Next: 

My goal is to finish Atwood in the next day or two and then start in on Alan Bradley’s The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie I need a spunky girl heroine and a good mystery.


Loads of prepwork happening! Gearing up for focusing on poetry in April and planning my readathon stack. Of course I’m doing Readathon! I gave up going to the Georgia Young Democrats Conference because of the date conflict. I’m all in!



  1. Flavia is one of my favorite more recent finds. The Easter bunny at my house always brings the kids a book for their basket, and two of my four got different Flavia books this year. I was listening to a conversation about Charles Schulz yesterday and the person talking said that Charles always saw himself as Charlie Brown, but wished he were more like Snoopy. In the same way, I wish I had been more like Flavia at her age. 😉 Happy reading to you!

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