A Day in the Life: Tuesday 03/15/16


Yay! Time for Trish’s annual event where participants chronicle activities through the course of a day. I chose Tuesday, March 15th for my day because I knew work would be interesting and not just me staring at ILL requests on my computer. Let’s get right to it!

6:13 am: Wake up with Persy Jane standing over me holding a “squeezy yogurt” and asking me to open it for her because she’s “hun-gee.” Open the yogurt and get Pea situated at the table. Notice cat puke on the carpet about two feet from the linoleum. Clean cat puke. Wake everyone else up and descend into the madness known as “getting the kids ready for school.”

7:25 am: Get everyone in the van and realize we’re leaving about 10 minutes late. Damn.

7:35 am: Sam drops me off at work (sweet, only five minutes late) and then he heads off to drop Hope off at the high school and then tote the little kids to preschool/daycare. At work I start some coffee and open up the library with my coworker, Amy. I start my work-study student on a record clean-up project, sort through emails, and work on making a list of key things to complete at work. While I work I drink my coffee and listen to Explosions in the Sky.


9:25 am: Bathroom break! Pull stuff off the printer, start filling ILL lending requests, pull books from the stacks.


9:54 am: Start sending item recall notices and book an appointment to get my brows waxed. #reallife #browsonfleek #multitaskingwin

10:25 am: Help our collection development librarian find some new/upcoming releases in the humanities and literature. Nearly get completely off-track by deciding I should research the entire Margaret Drabble vs. AS Byatt sister feud. Maintain my self-control and only glance at one Guardian article.

10:57 am: Start training my new student worker (original student worker is graduating this spring) on the ILL lending process.

11:25 am: Lunch. Quinoa power bowl. So good. Read some poems from an ARC.

11:55 am: Pee break and then set-up for our monthly student worker meeting in the back of the library. I made butterbeer cupcakes the night before.


12:30 pm: Student worker meeting. We sorted our 26 student-employees into “houses” and they are competing for the Housecup. Student teams win points for doing a great job and lose points for procrastination, absenteeism, etc… I’m basically Harry Potter larping at work.

1:27 pm: Meeting over. Now I spend some time uploading images from the meeting to our various social media accounts. Answer more emails.

2:30 pm: Research and Instruction Team meeting to talk about our student worker meeting.

3:05 pm: A few more emails, prep my to-do list for the next day, make a few calendar changes.

3:30 pm: Work day is done! Head home and love on my cat, Beau.


4:00 pm: Exercise!

4:32 pm: Sit, drink water, enjoy the silence

4:55 pm: Shower

5:15 pm: Start dinner. This involves whipping up a quick Artichoke Pesto Pasta and putting it in the crockpot to keep warm. Then I toast the garlic and cheese bread for 7 minutes, turn off the oven, but leave the bread in the oven.

5:40 pm; Leave to pick kids up from the daycare and then swoosh by the high school to pick up Hope.

6:11 pm: Home. Finish heating up the bread, whip up a salad and fix plates. Everyone noms.


6:50 pm: Persy poops. We’re potty training so this is a long process involving me standing in the bathroom, telling her to relax, and singing various renditions of “Let it Go.”

7:05 pm: Hope bathes the kids while I try to clean the kitchen. Yes, my teenager is an awesome help with the little ones. Persy throws a tantrum so I take over on her shower and then move her squalling contorted slippery wet body into the living room to get dress. Finally get her dressed.

7:21 pm: Atticus showers while Persy helps with chores. We start some laundry and Persy sorta sweeps up spilled cat food. Sorta. I wash some dishes because I still don’t have a working dishwasher. Once Atticus is out of the shower he brushes his teeth. I brush Persy’s teeth.

7:38 pm: We read a few books. I’m on the couch with Persy reading and Atticus “reads” a Ninja Turtle book to Hope. Then we watch an episode of Reading Rainbow on Netflix.


8:35 pm: Kids are finally in bed and asleep.

8:45 pm: I leave – Hope is home while the kids sleep – and drive to the college to pick up Sam from his evening classes (Drawing I/II and Printmaking).

9:08 pm: Arrive home with Sam. Wash the rest of the dishes.

9:30 pm: Shower, face mask, melatonin and get in the bed.


10:30 pm: The sweet release of slumber.

Wow. I’m pretty busy. Notice the complete absence of blogging, reading, crocheting, etc…. Not all days are this full, but honestly most are. I think there’s a saying about motherhood along the lines of, “the days are long, but the years are short.” By the end of the day I’m physically and mentally exhausted, but then it all just seems like a blip in my memory.

Great event, Trish!








  1. 1. I’m thankful every day that my cat doesn’t puke on the carpet. Why do they always choose the carpet? Seriously…
    2. HARRY POTTER LARPING!!!!! Did you also get put in a house?
    3. I think it’s amazing you do so much!

  2. Wow. You are so busy and I love your hair! Well, maybe not the second picture. LOL

    I would love to come help you with your ILL requests. I miss working at the library. 🙂

  3. OK, sign me up to be a student worker for you! I want to come eat cupcakes and be sorted into a house. 🙂 That’s a busy day – hope it ended with good sleep and a little time for yourself in the morning.

  4. I see you found cat vomit on your recorded day too. *Sigh* Cats.

    I enjoyed reading about your day. I worked in the university library during my college years and sometimes wish I still did. I love that you had the student workers playing for the Housecup. That is too funny. Harry Potter is very popular in our house. My daughter recently discovered Harry Potter and now we can share the magic with her. 🙂

    The saying you shared at the end is so true! Thank you for sharing your day with us!

  5. I so relate to children waking you up to ask for food. Although our problem lately is that the 8 year old eats everything in sight! I’m going to have to start hiding the stuff.

    It’s so great that your oldest helps out with the little ones. I am the oldest of four and now that we are all grown up, we are really close.

  6. Ooooh, I loved every bit of this! Right down to the mask. LOVE. I didn’t know there was a Margaret Drabble vs. AS Byatt sister feud! Or maybe I did and forgot? Now I think I should pull that Drabble book I culled in from the garage.

  7. You are so busy!! It has to be a challenge dealing with both teen issues and the little ones. It’s great that Hope helps out, though from reading your blog she sounds pretty amazing anyway. Off to read more about that sister feud…

  8. Lots of tasty looking foods in your day! I also love that your student workers are competing for the Harry Potter house cup. Glad to hear I’m not the only one in a job where we have meetings that are about…meetings. Reading everybody’s posts is making me wonder how we all ever manage the time for reading and blogging on top of the rest of our busy lives. The day I chronicled had no reading or blogging either.

  9. Long days, short years. Yup–totally get it. We’re going through pooping as well and it’s killing me. Some of the undergarments this week were way too far gone for me to bother scrubbing. Of course all of this happens at school and I’m not sure how to fix it. Yay potty training! I’m about to start investing in undies by the box. LOL! Oh wow. So thankful that this event lets us talk about poop on our blogs. Sadly this hasn’t been the only time for me in the past few days.

    So fantastic that Hope is such a big help, especially since both you and Sam are so busy. My days lacked any kind of creativity as well–sometimes I can squeeze it in, sometimes not. But every 10 minutes here and there adds up. Thanks for sharing your day Amanda. I always learn the cool words from you (had to loop up larping).

  10. Gretchin Rubin is the one who says “The days are long, but the years are short.” I try to remind myself on crazy days and know it will soon all be over in a blip of time and then I will be wishing I had it back. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your day.

  11. Why do cats do that! Like this is easy to clean… This is not… So, obviously I will puke where it is more complicated. GR! You do lead a busy life, though. Phew! I enjoyed reading this!

  12. I have never ever thought about putting food in the slow cooker to keep it warm! I must remember that! And yuck to cat puke. My dogs have puked before and I’m always thankful to find it before the kids do. I miss my days working in a library! Seeing the stacks and hearing about ILLs make me miss it all that much more. If I ever go back, I’ll have to make some butterbeer cupcakes to celebrate. 🙂

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