March Planner Peek

I did a little spotlight on my planner in February and I thought I’d update everyone on the changes I made for March. I had a similar layout for January and February. Essentially a monthly spread, a sleep tracker, blog calendar, a page with meal plans, daily layouts and a few lists (aka collections). The month was also peppered with journal-style entries on a weekly basis. I realized that I was having issues with my daily layouts and I knew something had to change.

Originally my daily layouts were to encourage me to write a brief (3 – 4 line) paragraph about my day, look at what I accomplished and “migrate” (move to a later date) items I didn’t complete. Everything was trucking along fine until I hit a snag in a week and had some major anxiety and depression issues. I saw I wasn’t completing much of anything on my daily lists and everything was getting migrated over and crowding the page. I had the goal of a few key tasks each day and the list kept getting longer.

After spending the first week of March tinkering with format, I think may have hit on a weekly layout that will take care of any issues. I can do more when I am feeling energetic and less when I feel stoggy or crap happens.


Here is a my two-page weekly spread for this week. The left-hand side is more of a calendar and essential task lists. The right-hand side contains fun stuff and my health tracker.

Here is a closer look at each page.


This page contains:

  • A weekly calendar with my work schedule and appointments
  • A few “adulting” tasks of the deskwork variety (phone calls, paperwork, bleh)
  • Errands
  • Bills
  • A few cleaning tasks
  • Meal plan
  • Outfits (I know this is weird, but if I don’t plan ahead and I have a depressed day I look ratchet. Planning my clothes keeps me at least looking like a functional human)
  • A daily tracker for the bare minimum chores that should be done each day.

Now for the fun stuff!


  • My reading goals for the week. I divide up my reading in sections or 50 page chunks and I also have my audio book progress goal listed.
  • Blog posts
  • Other writing goals
  • Walking for 20 minute chunks through the week
  • Crochet rows
  • 15 minutes of blog responding each day
  • Tracking Fig and Thistle social media
  • A few random projects
  • A quotation for the week
  • Tracking my morning and evening medication and water consumptions (each triangle represents four cups of water).

So far I’m really loving this layout. I’m not having to spend anytime migrating tasks and I feel like I’m cutting myself some slack for my low days. This March layout is full of win!



  1. I am loving and still experimenting with my bullet journal. I love any ideas and options for layouts and keep trying different stuff. One of these days I should post some pictures.

  2. And this is why I adore bullet journals so much! It is truly the format that allows you the freedom to set it up however it best works for you. I hope this is providing you some much needed relief this month!

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