Goodbye February, Hello March


A few days into March and I am just now writing about February. I’m off work today as the campus is closed for spring break, but we were open Monday through Wednesday and I was plenty busy. Right now ILL is banging with thesis and research symposium students searching for articles and books, I’m managing our state library association’s Twitter account and there were several state and national events that needed PR, I didn’t have a work-study student to help with ILL so I did all of the packaging/taping/labeling, and registration for the fall semester opens up soon so I had to make sure holds were appropriately placed and removed on student accounts with fines. When I finally arrived home from work each evening I completely zoned out and watched loads of Glitter Force and Johnny Test with the kids and then went to bed early. Now I have a few days to catch my breath before the final research push of the semester.

February was a mixed bag month, but certainly with more good than challenging. You would think that by 35 I would accept that life is always a mixed bag; there will always be an illness, a bill, a car repair, reams of paperwork for something, or some parenting related challenge. Nope. I refuse to believe it. Call me a dreamer.

We managed to avoid big illnesses this month. This is the first February we’ve avoided a stomach plague in years (knock on wood). The kids had a few cases of pink eye, Hope’s knee is still bothering her, and Sam and I had a wicked headcold mid-month, but that’s it. We didn’t have any crazy repairs, but I did have to submit a shit ton of paperwork for the kids insurance renewal and Sam’s employer didn’t pay him and he had to wait until this month to get his January check (long story). There were a few other stressors, but this is not the place to air those issues and resolutions are in the works.

There was some blogging, some baking, and a ton of reading in February. I totally failed at sending out a letter a day. I think I sent three out and I have a stack of packages staring at me that I was supposed to mail two weeks ago. Sigh.

Persy Jane celebrated her third birthday and Hope turned 16. Sam and I had a date to see Deadpool (I loved that movie, but I had nightmares for days afterwards from The Purge preview).

Healthwise I focused on sleep and worked to track my sleep patterns and establish some healthy sleep habits (consistent bedtime, no-caffeine after 4pm, electronics off at 9, etc…). I’ve had a tough time sleeping for the past few days, but that is due to a medication adjustment and should iron itself out in a week or two.

Now, on to March. I want to read ALL THE BOOKS. I have some plans for the blog that includes planner peeks, reviews, recipes, and a post for World Bipolar Day (March 30th). March is also National Craft month and I’m really itching to get back into crocheting.

I have a new healthwise focus for March: socializing. Yes, I am an introvert. Alas, at times it can be difficult to distinguish between introversion and isolation. I’ve completely isolated myself this past month. For one I was concerned about sleep and trying to keep my schedule as regular as possible. Secondly, I’m still trying to grasp being well or “typical” as the professionals call it. There are – at a minimum – two entire posts worth of discussion on both topics, so for now I’ll leave it at that. Suffice it to say I have not gone out with a single friend through the month of February. I spent one day at a friend’s house during the day in early February and that’s it. I’m home and with the kids or Sam when not at work or running errands. I haven’t replied to texts and Facebook messages because I couldn’t really articulate my isolation. In March I will be making a concerted effort to respond and engage with friends. As a first step I’m meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow morning to talk books. I’m super excited about it.

Happy March, y’all!




  1. I feel the introvert thing, especially with kids. Sometimes it feels like I’ve used all of my energy to be with the kids and I can’t imagine doing anything more than curling up with a book at night. I hope you have a great March!

  2. Sounds like a good month, all things considered. And I love the blue hair! Here’s to a productive, happy and healthy March. 🙂

  3. Socializing is an excellent goal for March! I have to set myself numbers-based socializing goals, or else it is guaranteed that I will stay inside becoming ever more curmudgeonly. :p Good luck with all your March social endeavors!

  4. I feel you on the introverting. When you are busy with work and kids, the last thing you want to do is go out and meet people, no matter how dear a friend it is. I hope you are having fun socializing this month and are reading ALL the books!

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