#BBAW: Day 2, An Interview with Tasha

I think this may be my most favorite part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, MEETING ALL THE NEW PEOPLE.

introvert 5I’m so happy I was matched with Tasha from Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books. Tasha has been blogging for over 10 years and also works with Book Bloggers International and contributes to other online projects and writing endeavors. She is also in the midst of writing a book called The Introvert’s Guide to Drinking Alone. I’m told there is an Edna St. Vincent Millay cocktail in this book! Writing takes a toll on her reading; Tasha may re-read a favorite, but when she is writing she is all in it!

Tasha has a master’s in art history and says that she does have a difficult time with reading books that feature actual historical people in them because she cannot suspend her belief for long enough to enjoy the book. Her degree did open up an entirely new world to her in the form of Surrealist writing and Magical Realism.

A Harry Potter fan, Tasha has – of course – read the series, but read them out of order (started with book four, then read one through three, then carried on with book five). In fact, she is a huge fan of reading a series backwards. Come to think of it, Harry Potter would be fascinating to read backwards!

Classifying herself as a moody reader, Tasha doesn’t really have a system in place for picking her next read. She usually has a non-fiction book, a novel, and an audiobook going at any given time. She may dip into multiple non-fiction titles, but she is certainly a one-fiction-book-at-a-time reader.

When asked if a particular blogger has ever introduced her to a book, genre, or author that is now a favorite, Tasha said,

One author I started reading just because of a fellow blogger (Kelly from Reading With Analysis) is Laura Florand. I love her novels! Another is Manna Francis’ Administration series, which is a dystopian m/m series that’s published on the web.
Overall Tasha’s blog is filled with art, books, movies, and a wallop of razor sharp wit delivered with impeccable writing. I’m so glad I’ve gotten a chance to get to know her better. Seriously, I’ll being over here, hanging out on my couch under my electric blanket, doing PSA’s for Book Blogger Appreciation Week if you need me.




  1. I accidentally read a series backwards once! Well, there were only two books in the series out at this time, and I inadvertently read the second one first. It was an interesting experience — I liked the second one better, actually, and am not sure I’d have continued with the series if I’d read the first one first. What on EARTH made her read the HP books out of order? Those ones kind of need the info from previous books in order to make sense!

  2. OK, I’m still reeling from ‘reading a series backwards’. Not sure I could do that. I have a hard time reading out of order at all. But, I do understand being a moody reader. That describes me completely. This was great – enjoyed it!

  3. I can’t wait to read Tasha’s book! Like Kay, I would also only read a series out of order by accident, but I do tend to read magazines back to front, now that I think of it! 😉

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