#BBAW: Day 1, Introductions

I’m so excited about Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I’ve met some of my dearest, sweetest friends through blogging.

Today’s topic is to introduce myself by telling you about five books that represent me as a person or my interests/lifestyle.

Let’s get started!

no matter what

This has to be one of my favorite children’s books. No Matter What is about a parent’s ability to love their child endlessly… no matter what. I have three kids; Hope will be 16 this Friday, Atticus is five, and Persephone (Persy Jane) is three. I believe that children should be treated with respect and be allowed to express their emotions. You can never spoil a child by loving them, listening to them, and letting their creativity and imagination grow.


I’ve read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath at least a dozen times (probably more). I’ve adored Plath since age 12, but my thoughts and opinions on this book, her poetry, and her life have matured as I’ve grown. As a burgeoning feminist in my teens this book opened my eyes to sexism and patriarchal oppression, in my twenties I had my first major depressive episode and the descriptions of the protagonist’s symptoms mirrored my own and I felt not quite so alone, and now in my thirties I respect The Bell Jar as a darkly humorous novel by a brilliant author. The Bell Jar represents me as a feminist, a mental illness sufferer, and a snark-loving bookish gal.


Now for a non-fiction title! I’ve always been an introvert, but I can be gregarious on social media, in writing, and with small groups of friends. If I truly believe in a cause you’ll also have a problem getting me to shut up! I appreciate solitude and quiet moments and I am a better human when I can have time to recharge. Susan Cain’s advocacy for introversion is remarkable and this book is illuminating for introverts and extroverts.


I devoured Among Others last autumn. The protagonist in the novel, Morwenna, adores science fiction novels. I, actually, have not read much science fiction. I picked this book because it is chock full of magical realism, book adoration, and library love. I’ve worked in a small academic library for almost a dozen years and for most of my time here I’ve managed interlibrary loan services. Interlibrary loan plays a large role in Among Others and my favorite quotation from this book is, “Interlibrary loans are a wonder of the world and a glory of civilization.”


Picking the last book for this list has been extremely difficult. I ADORE Victorian literature and I had a difficult time picking one title. I decided to pick Jane Eyre because it was the first Victorian novel I read that sent me on a mission to devour all the 600+ page Victorian sagas with ferocity. Other Victorian books I love include Bleak House by Charles Dickens, The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, Middlemarch by George Eliot, and many more titles. If you’re having a read-along, want a reading buddy, or simply want to talk Victorian tomes, then I’m your lady.

I cannot wait to meet more book bloggers this week. Let me know in the comments if any of these books “represent” you. Pour yourself some coffee or tea and let’s chat!



  1. I love, and 100% agree, with all that you said regarding being a parent in your first book pick – I’ll have to check that book out as I’m always looking for new books to read with my own little one.

    I love classic literature set in the Victorian era.

    As I’ve been reading the lists of others, I feel so silly having not picked Quiet. I love that book so much, and it really resonates with me as an introvert.

    Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself – glad to have discovered your blog!

  2. Oh, I had Among Others on my list a while back and I totally forgot about it. I definitely want to read that one. And I’ve had the audio of Quiet to listen to as well. Sigh. So many books. Interesting that you do the inter-library loans. I always thought that I might like that job at the library. The one where I worked has all but cut them out these days – which is sad.

  3. I love how many lists Quiet is showing up on – it’s such a wonderful, game-changing book!

    I adore Jane Eyre so much – I think I’m due for a re-read.

  4. Jane Eyre’s on my list too! And I love Among Others, not least for its affection for interlibrary loan services. 🙂 Jo Walton and I have talked occasionally online (which makes me feel very fancy) about our mutual love for another author on my list, Mary Renault. My beloved “The Charioteer” (one of the books on MY list of five) features briefly in Among Others!

  5. As an introvert, I really enjoyed reading Quiet as well. It has really helped me deal with Kid #1, who is a complete extrovert. I couldn’t decide on which books to pick for this, so I cheated a little bit. Although Jane Eyre isn’t my favorite, I have a few classics titles on my list as well.

  6. Fantastic list! The Bell Jar is an all-time favorite of mine. I am looking forward to reading Quiet…in college I tested as an extrovert in the Myers-Briggs test several times, but I strongly suspect that that has changed for me in the last 10 years. I think I’d find that book rather eye-opening.

  7. I also adore AMONG OTHERS, with its focus on bookish life and the joys of interlibrary loan. I borrowed it from my own library right after it merged with the library systems in a few nearby cities, and I was beyond delighted when my reading copy came from one of the new-to-me systems.

  8. I think there was a Middlemarch readalong a while back, but I couldn’t join in. I want to read it again before reading that book ABOUT reading Middlemarch. I keep meaning to read Quiet. I liked Among Others a lot, too, and wanted to read some of the author’s other books. That’s one problem with book blogging; it cuts into reading time!

    1. I participated in that readalong, but finished late. I will say leave a few months space before reading the book about Middlemarch. I tried to read it right after finishing the novel and the plot summary made it seem a bit redundant.

  9. Jane Eyre is possibly my favorite book, ever, and it made my list as well. The Bell Jar could’ve too, it was the book I used to make guys I was thinking about dating read before I would go out with them (clearly I didn’t date much…).

  10. So many people have put Quiet on their lists–I could have, too. At least we know we’re in good company. I am definitely going to check out Among Others…it sounds right up my alley.

  11. I totally called out Victorian and neo-Victorian chunksters on my list too because they are the best! And I am going to make Among Others one of my next reads because it’s popped up on a couple of lists today and I have it sitting right there on my TBR shelf! I’m also going to have to get Quiet from the library because I’m fairly certain that I’m going to feel the same about it as all of you other lovely book bloggers do.

  12. Interlibrary loans are the best! The county library system I’m in now has a good selection between all the branches and I haven’t used ILL much since moving here, but when I lived in Maryland, they had an online ILL request system that could get you any book from any library in Maryland. It was amazing.
    Are you a Trollope fan? That has been the Victorian author I’ve been digging recently. Also, I adore Middlemarch and Bleak House!

  13. I am going to pick up No Matter What – had not come across it before, but seems like a thing I would enjoy! Thanks for sharing. Glad to come across your blog through BBAW. 🙂

  14. I think it would be much easier for me to name publishers rather than books – Virago, Persephone, Penguin Classics, Vintage Classics… I’m reading the Old Curiosity Shop at the moment, and as usual am delighted by just how readable I find Dickens.

  15. Every time I go to Barnes & Noble (which is about 3 times per week) I pick-up QUIET and put it down again. I so want to read it, but I keep putting it off. I do feel like it will speak to me, though. And, gosh, Sylvia Plath. What can be said?

  16. Quiet is one that I can really relate to as well. I am MUCH chattier online than I am in person and I think when people meet me it’s a bit shocking just how quiet I can be. Wish I could get over that!! Love Bleak House, Middlemarch, and The Moonstone!

  17. Ah Jo Walton. Another author I intend to read one of these days. And I will have to pick up No Matter What! I just had my first last year and kid books are quite the rage for me nowadays.

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