Scribbles: 14 February 2016

I decided to start typing up my scribble posts. Mostly so I can have some things remain private, but my handwriting is not always stellar. I will write more if I don’t have to worry about legible scribbles

Weather: 34 and cloudy. The university has already issues a weather delay for tomorrow as there are predictions for icy rain. Keep in mind this is Georgia; we lack proper tires and such for driving in bad weather. This means I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow (if the kids let me).

Location: Right now I’m at work. I’m taking a dinner break. I had leftovers for supper and I’m trying to resist the siren song of the coffee pot. I’m freaking freezing and I might cave to more coffee.


Sam’s latest chalkboard creation

Reading: I am ADORING Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. I read 170 pages of the book yesterday. I wish that myth about librarians reading on the job was true. Alas, I’m auditing patron accounts. Not nearly as exciting as novels filled with magical realism.

Listening to: Sarah Neufeld’s Never Were the Way She Was in anticipation of her new album coming out in early March.


Sunday Selfies

Cooking: Meal planning is going much better (aka realistically) since I accepted that three meals out of the week will be “easy’ meals like tacos, spaghetti, sandwiches, etc… and then I’ll only really cook on the other four days of the week. On Sundays I work and then Tuesday and Thursday are a bit crazy and our schedule runs a little late. I’ve been trying to get the kids in bed by 8 each night so sometimes dinner is a slap-it-together affair.

Blogging: Book Blogger Appreciation Week starts tomorrow. I already have some posts drafted. Join in!


Where the Wild Things Are

Making: I finally got the hang of Attic24’s ripple stitch and I’m working on a Charlie Brown themed blanket for a friend’s baby. I’ve made the first row in a bright yellow. The blanket will be mostly yellow, but with the appropriate amount of black ripples to resemble Charlie Brown’s iconic shirt.

Family Update:

  • Sam – He is working on math homework every evening so I haven’t really had a chance to spend time with him. He is taking print making this semester and is ridiculously talented at it. He is still Inky Darcy even if he is printing on paper now instead of on skin. He is also hard at work planning a gallery show for his kids at The Boy’s and Girl’s Club.
  • Hope – We heard back from the doctor with her MRI results and she does not have a torn meniscus. She has a bone contusion and will start physical therapy soon. She has a follow-up appointment in early March and then she can – we hope – get back to sprinting and working at the pizza shop. My girl will celebrate her 16th birthday on Friday and we have plan’s for a girl’s day out on Saturday.
  • Atticus – We’re having a tough time in Pre-K with hyperactivity and roughness. It will all work out in the end, but I’m slightly nervous about Kindergarten. This weekend I had a Valentine date with my little man; we went to the public library for science story time. We read books about the heart and circulatory system and did a few science experiments. It was loads of fun.
  • Persy Jane – POTTY TRAINING. She wants to wear panties and we’re letting her … and she pees on everything. I totally believe in child led toilet training so I just quip, “accidents happen” and let her help me clean things up and then we try again. This morning we finally had a chance to celebrate her 3rd birthday with family. We hung out at Dunkin Donuts and had a great time.



I hope everyone has a great week!





  1. I adore that chalk art!

    Ambrose was very late to potty train – almost four years old. He was supposed to go into pre-K, and he wouldn’t be allowed if he wasn’t trained, so we finally used a trick that had been recommended. We took off all his bottom clothes and he was only allowed to be on the floors that had plastic (kitchen, porch, bathroom, entry hall). That left him very bored, and the first time he peed all over everything, he freaked out. Took him two days to be 100% potty trained day and night. Never once had an accident. It was so different from both our other boys, and I think it’s probably because he was a month shy of that fourth birthday.

  2. Yay! So glad to hear that Hope’s meniscus is not torn!!! I’m a huge fan of PT – having had to do it myself and going through it with eldest all summer following her ACL tear – it’s amazing how much more motivating a PT can be vs. being handed papers listing exercises to do on your own. Our oldest will be 20 on Saturday (canNOT believe it!) and we’re actually all going to be together for her birthday this year. Love all the pics! Happy President’s Day!

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