Happy Birthday, Persephone Jane


Dear Persy Jane,

On Thursday you had your third birthday. We had such a busy day! We sang the birthday song as you dressed for school in your favorite dress. Daddy took you to your first dentist appointment and the staff gave you a t-shirt, a Minnie Mouse toothbrush, a glowing birthday necklace, a birthday button, and then they counted your twenty well-brushed teeth. Later that day Daddy and I brought homemade strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting to your school for a classroom birthday party. You licked off the icing and refused the cupcake. In the evening we went out to dinner with your brother and sister (Chick-fil-A, your choice). We’re stretching out your 3rd birthday festivities. Today you opened your gift from me and your Daddy (a Lalaloopsy pirate doll) and tomorrow we’ll have doughnuts with your grandparents.

Your being a “big girl” didn’t really hit me until Thursday night when you informed me that you would be taking a shower instead of a bath because you are three. “It is what big kids do,” you proudly exclaimed. So you had a shower with only a little help from me when it came to shampooing. You were so proud, confident, and capable!

You are always informing me of your independence and sharing your opinion. Your Dad and I are accustom to the constant refrains of self-reliance. “I got it!” you exclaim as you get the milk out of the refrigerator. “I’m just checking” you call out as you check each and every pull-up to ensure that they all have Sophia the First on them. “I do it myself” you cry when someone helps you before you ask for help. I adore this stubborn and spunky grit even when it seems like I do not.

You strive to do things on your own and you question everything. This thirst to understand the world while making the world understand you is PRICELESS. One day when you are a much bigger kid, you will begin to see that girls are often discouraged from questioning, pushing, and challenging. Do not let that damper your feisty personality! Question, push, and challenge! You may learn that you don’t like some of the answers life gives you, but you will take pride in knowing that you never passively accepted the world as it is.

It has taken me several days to think of my birthday wish for you, Persephone Jane, and I finally think I hit on it. I hope your third year is filled with exuberance. Stay effusively enthusiastic as you grow and learn this year. Feel your big feelings, express your wonder, and keep growing into wonderful you.

I love you, Peapie.

Happy Birthday,






  1. Wow! It’s been a fast three years. I always love these posts. What a treasure for her to have in years to come. And, first shower!!!! That was such a big deal at our house – for the kids, and for the parents who no longer had to be tub-side. 🙂 A very happy birthday to Persy Jane!

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