Goodbye, January and Hello, February



  • My first week was introvert paradise. The kids were in school and I stayed at home … ALONE. I read, blogged, and drank so much coffee. There were even daily naps under a cozy electric blanket with the cat curled up beside me. Utter heaven.
  • The second week decided to bitch slap me into reality. I went back to work after four weeks off and it was difficult getting settled back into a work routine. On the way to work on Monday our check engine light came on in the van – keep in mind we are a one car family – and it was a transmission issue. It was around $900 to repair. Later in that week we got word of lice at the daycare, we checked Atticus’s hair, and OH JOY, LICE. I stayed up until 1am combing and shampooing everyone. Luckily, Atticus was the only one infected and we caught his early. He’s sporting a new buzz cut because I was paranoid about checking is dark, thickly abundant hair. I was afraid I missed something. And the dryer broke, WHILE WE WERE WASHING ALL THE THINGS. Thank goodness for laundromats. After that week January leveled off to a reasonable pace.
  • We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a second viewing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Thai food, and coffee.
  • We had a day and a half off for “snow.” It only snowed for about 15 minutes, but there was some nasty ice. The kids were disappointed. Atticus wanted it to look like The Polar Express.
  • I organized my yarn and embroidery supplies and FINALLY finished Sam’s scarf.
  • A little bit of coloring, a little bit of baking, a whole lot of binge watching The Great British Baking show.
  • Saw The Good Dinosaur with Sam and the little kids. Persy did fairly well for her first movie.
  • Read My Antonia and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’m still reading The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall. It is taking me forever.
  • Shook out some blog wrinkles
  • Got a shipment of three adorable ModCloth dresses
  • Had an essay published in The Mighty.

Looking to February:

  • February is birthday month around here. Persy will turn 3 on Thursday and later in the month Hope will celebrate her 16th birthday. WOW!
  • My plan is to keep February quiet. This is the month when illness tends to hit and it is also the month that – historically – my depression gets worse. I’m a weirdo and I typically have spring/summer depressions.
  • My few goals for February is to track my sleep, read, write loads of letters to friends near and far, and focus on weathering through the month.

Hope you all had a splendid January and February is off to a fabulous start.



  1. Kid birthdays are crazy. They always get older. 😉
    I am looking forward to a quiet February with more daylight than we’ve had in a while. Just this last week we finally crossed that mark where it’s light after 5pm again. This seems to make a big difference in my SAD as does taking vitamin D because, well, no sun. Anyway, enjoy your extra day of February!

  2. That second week DOES sound terrible. Why is it that everything hits together like that?? Crossing my fingers that February is relatively illness-free for you!

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