Works in Progress: 6 January 2016

New year and a new commitment to make things. I’m STILL working on Sam’s scarf I started in January of 2015. I’m determined to finish tonight; I have two sweet babies to make blankets for and they are already out of the womb. In other words, I AM SO BEHIND ON MAKING BABY BLANKETS!

Getting organized is the first step (duh) to making more things. Today I sorted my yarn stash and moved a vanity Hope isn’t using into the living room for thread and embroidery storage.


Next week, HOLD ME TO IT, I will show off Sam’s completed scarf and my progress on a new project. I also think I may have some crafty bullet journal pages to show and tell!



  1. I’m so jealous. I have tried a few times to teach myself to knit but just can’t seem to get it on my own. Bah. I think you will finish the scarf and the blankets soon and they will all be wonderful!

  2. I do NOT know how you do all that you do. I know that I tend to be more productive overall when I have a lot of responsibilities, but you just amaze me. I’ve decided that February is going to be my January – when I finally get around to getting my goals for the year finalized and my desk organized for work. I’m still trying to figure out how to have college kids home on break for a month. I love having them home, but they are home two weeks longer than the rest of us are off, which of course, makes me want to do fun things with them (in addition to catching up on their dental appts. etc.) instead of my normal hunkering down and getting back to “real life.” I’m not complaining – just trying to adjust to a new season. I love the idea of the bullet journal, and hope to investigate that more fully as well. More crafting time is also something I’m looking forward to, and you keep me encouraged in that department. Hope your week is going well and your ankles are settling down. Think about you often!

  3. I love sorting out embroidery skeins! I have so many, because I’d always buy new ones when I started a project without checking whether I already had that color or not. Sometimes I get them out just to admire them!

  4. I love the idea of a vanity as storage! It looks more elegant. I’m also trying to find ways to be more productive. I can’t wait to see your bujo pages! I need some inspiration!

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