Merry and Bright: After Thanksgiving


Christmas is my favorite season. Merry and Bright will be a weekly feature detailing our holiday season.

For me “the holidays” begin on November 1st. At that point in time I start working on Christmas cards, planning meals, organizing decorations and turning up the Christmas tunes. We really don’t get started with decorating until after Thanksgiving.

The day after Thanksgiving is our tree trimming party. Due to cost and a cat we have an artificial tree, but I still love it. I am very hands off about the decorating. I’m help put out other small decorations, but I let the kids decorate the tree. Our ornaments are a mishmash of wooden painted ornaments my parents had in the 70s, kid crafts, and unbreakable baubles (wooden, metal, or fabric mostly). We have a few breakable ornaments, but they are up high. My Granny’s vintage ornaments are packed in a box (half I gave to a dear friend) to put out when the kids and cat are older.

After putting up the tree we let the kids watch Christmas movies and then dinner is typically “party food.” Our menu this year was little smokies, muffin-tin pot pies, chips and dips, and then some leftover Thanksgiving pie. We were actually too full and sick of sweets to bake cookies or make cocoa.


*note: I know Hope doesn’t look thrilled in that pic, but she had fair warning it was for the blog.

We also put our holiday display out at work. Our blind date with a book was so popular that we decided to revamp it for the holidays and encourage folks to check-out books for the winter break. Thanks to our creative student-employees this display looks great!

I’m in the home stretch at work. I have presentations and meetings galore next week. Then it is full on Christmas time for me!

This weeks holiday to-do list:

  • Order picture cards for family
  • Christmas card list / check addresses
  • Send out first batch of cards
  • Figure out baking and supplies
  • Make a list of Christmas treat platters needed for neighbors, work, and parties
  • Buy wrapping supplies
  • Shopping (I’m nearly done with the kid’s shopping and I know what i have to buy)
  • Start wrapping!

Hope your season is Merry and Bright!




  1. This is awesome. I like it all, but I esp appreciate the title “merry and bright” – it gives perspective to the season. And, I am now inspired to go forth and make a list of my own. 🙂

  2. WOW! I put my xmas tree up on the 1st, and patted myself on the back for actually partaking in the christmas festivities this year. But you really take part! Love the pictures of your tree, and you’re not meant to give the kids a warning its for the blog until after you have taken the photo, that way you might actually get a smile!

    Love the wrapped up christmas pressie – books! I might have to offer to set something up like that at my little library!

  3. I can’t wait for Lillian to be old enough to really help decorate the Christmas tree!We are doing ours this Saturday. Maybe I can convice my curmudgeon of a husband to make some cocoa and cookies!

  4. I love this time of year. This year, we can’t do ornaments at all because of the kitten, so we’ve just got a tree and some advent calendars here, and that’ll have to be enough! Normally, though, we have that same mishmash of ornaments you mentioned. Right down to a few homemade ornaments my mom made when I was a kid, wrapping empty raisin boxes in Christmas wrapping paper and threading a string up for hanging. 😀

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