Christmas Wishlist


I think I’ve mentioned before that I adore wrapping gifts and unwrapping them. In fact, even though Sam and I have our money in one pot, I insist that we set a budget and buy each other gifts. It can be giftcards, but it has to come in an package to be unwrapped on Christmas morning.

Our family tradition is to keep Christmas morning going as long as possible. The kids are up early and we open stockings. Then we eat breakfast. Next the gift opening! We start with the youngest and each take turns opening a gift. I hate rabid tearing through piles. Instead I get each child (and adult) to appreciate and relish the joy that comes with a little bit of patience and watching the people you love be surprised and joyful.

I seriously do not care about the monetary value, I just want tiny glad things to open and I want them to be a surprised. In fact, the thing that sucks most about being an adult (besides all that boring responsibility) is not getting a Christmas stocking.

To help Sam out I made a Christmas list. Here you go, hun. Knock yourself out!

Cozy Things

Eating and Drinking Things

  • coffee mugs!
  • chocolate
  • hot cocoa
  • altoids (seriously, I love these)
  • coffee

Kitchen Things

  • pots and pans (ceramic or stainless steel, not Teflon coated)
  • glass or ceramic bakeware
  • metal measuring cups and spoons
  • metal cheese grater
  • wooden cutting board

Making Things

Pretty Things

  • necklaces
  • scarves
  • Burt’s Bees Lipgloss
  • lotion (not too frou-frou)
  • ModCloth giftcard

Writerly and Bookish Things

  • small bookcase
  • Sharpie fine tip pens
  • notecards
  • stickers, wasabi tape and other journal decor doodads
  • thriftbooks or abebooks giftcard

Alright! There we have it. Now if only I managed to be good this year!



  1. They may not be the cheapest but I have a set of All Clad measuring cups and spoons and I adore them! The look like the pots.:) My mom got them for me a few years ago for Christmas. Found them at Williams-Sonoma.

    And Bed, Bath and Beyond has really cute wooden cutting boards in the shape of your state, (mine is NC) or in the shape of the US.

    Just helpin Sam out a little.

  2. We do the same thing Christmas mornings! We either go youngest to oldest or vice versa (usually youngest to oldest, though) and go one by one through gifts for hours. It’s so wonderful. We did this with my mom growing up and we STILL go to her house after we have Christmas morning at ours and then do the same thing over there. It’s one of my very favorite traditions.

  3. I always try to make Christmas morning last as long as possible too. When I was still at home, we made it a point of pride if we were still opening presents after lunch. Now that my kids are older, I am hoping to get them to that point, although last year, my teenager was the first one up and all but bouncing on the bed to wake up the rest of us.

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