Introducing Yarnvember (a little bit late)


Image used with permission from the best Yarn/Cat Instagram account around, MyMarvelousFlight

Oh hai! Look at this little draft of a post started in October. See I was going to do this big crocheting and knitting thing in November. 13 days into November and I’m finally posted. Best laid plans and all that.

I am trying to focus on knitting and crocheting more. It relaxes me and ups the cozy factor. My goal for the rest of the month is to post on Instagram at least one photo update a day. Even if it is only one row. Even if it is just making a center-pull ball. Even if I just decide to naked dive into my yarn stash. Okay, maybe not the last one.

What have I accomplished? I wove in the ends, washed, and blocked five washcloths I’m mailing to a friend tomorrow. Currently, I’m twelve rows into a dishcloth for a dear friend. Up next, finishing Sam’s scarf for Christmas and then two baby blankets. Baby blanket number one will be Charlie Brown themed with a pattern like this but mostly in yellow with a wee bit of black. The next baby blanket will be this pattern, but with deep lavender, gray, and mustard yellow.

Now, time to go play in some yarn.


One comment

  1. Your crochet posts on Instagram always inspire me! I’m really glad I picked it up again this summer because you’re right, it’s very relaxing.

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