Goodbye October, Hello November

october collage

October was such a good month, despite 10 days of sickness and two emergency room visits for sick kids. This month was all about friends and family.

October Highlights:

  • Work was good busy. The student-employee pumpkin decorating contest has been wildly successful on campus and online. The Dean of Library Services loved my LibGuides on copyright and academic integrity. I got to make a fun photo booth and prize ribbons for the Staff Development Committee. Interlibrary Loan hummed along.
  • I spent time with my good friend Catherine. We talked, drank too much coffee, and saw Of Monsters and Men. It was awesome.
  • I had a date night with Sam. We gathered with 105 other liberal progressives for pizza and democratic debate watching.
  • Readathon happened
  • Atticus had his 5th birthday bash. It was perfect. We had it in the morning and served juice and donuts for the kids. We adults had coffee. The kids played at the park. AND we collected over 30 stuffed animals for our local domestic violence shelter.
  • Halloween was a blast and we spent the holiday with one of our favorite families.
  • I wore some pretty dang cute dresses
  • I finished several phenomenal books with The Quick being my favorite of the month.

Anticipating in November:

  • November is off to a great start. I met up with my friend Melissa to take in Crimson Peak (loved it, review forthcoming) and drink coffee. I miss working with Melissa!
  • Tomorrow I head to Dallas Texas for the Library Marketing and Communication Conference.
  • Even better than the conference: I’m staying with ANDI!!!!
  • I think there are some Dallas book store trips in my future
  • Sam is planning us a holiday date later in the month
  • We get our first professional family pictures in a few weeks.
  • Thanksgiving meal and everything Christmas
  • Yarnvember. More details coming soon. Essentially I am attempting to knit or crochet a total of 30 hours this month.
  • More bullet journaling (another post on this later)
  • Potterbinge! I’ll be re-reading books 6 and 7 for this event.

Yup. 2015 is killing it. I’m loving this year.



  1. Love the pizza eating with the liberal progressives 😉 I watch the debates but didn’t get watch it with 105 people! Lol! Sounds awesome. 🙂

  2. So far November has been awesome, and October was pretty awesome too. It’s about time for my year to turn around!! I’d been having crappy months for WAY too long haha!

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