#Readathon: Hour 17 update

I don’t even have a fun gif to share. I’m plum tuckered, y’all.

Update time! Don’t forget you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and GoodReads!

Pages Read: 307 pages and 112 minutes of audio

What I’ve read: Since my last update I’ve finished The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings.

What’s Up Next: Shower and then bed (a nap?).

Snacks Eaten: dinner was roast beef, taters, apples, and peas. Then I had a pumpkin cheesecake cookie, diet coke, sour cream dip, and chips (not all at the same time, gross).

Mini-challenges completed? nada

Miscellaneous info and oddities: Normally the two-year-old is in bed no latter than 9, tonight she was up until 10:30. It is like she knew mama wanted to read! Also, my mini-challenge is over and we have a winner!

Good night, more readathoning tomorrow!


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