Mini-Challenge: Pumpkin Spice or Naw


I’ll admit it; I love pumpkin spice. Not everything pumpkin spice; I’m cool with skipping on the gum, convenience food, and sausage, but give me pumpkin spice in a latte or home-baked treat and I’m a happy camper. I won’t wax poetic on the joys of pumpkin spice as I’ve blogged it before, but let me say that I am secure in my pumpkin spice adoration. Haters gonna hate, pumpkin spice lovers are going to autumn-it-up like some mofos.

If you don’t like pumpkin spice that’s cool too, maybe you’re a gingerbread or apple cider lover? Or you like something else? I’d be interested in knowing how many readathoners are #TeamPumpkinSpice and how many of you are #PumpkinSpiceHaters.

Let’s have a contest. Take a selfie with smiles and a thumbs up for team Pumpkin Spice or with a frown and thumbs down for Pumpkin Spice haters. Leave me a link to your blog post/Instagram/Tweet/Tumble in the comments (keep in mind your privacy settings will need to allow me to see said post).

thumbsupYes! Pumpkin Spice!

thumbsdownNo Pumpkin Spice!

I will draw one winner from the winning team. In other words, if readathoners overwhelmingly love pumpkin spice then one of you lovers will get the prize. If pumpkin spice is vanquished, then the pumpkin spice haters will have a winner.

The winner will win a $15 Starbucks Gift Card; spend it on a pumpkin spice latte or naw.

I’ll announce a winner by midnight, EST.



    1. Yes! Sorry I just saw this. I will count your vote both ways since it was my bad with not seeing it. If you don’t have a starbucks in your region then I will let you pick a book from book depository.

  1. Guys, not everyone is from USA, I never tried pumpkin spice, gingerbread or apple cider. Just like you never tried thing I grew up with. Just please think about it when you choose a mini-challenge topic. Unless you are being discriminatory on purpose.

    1. I would love to hear about the stuff your country has! Maybe you should host a mini-challenge next year. Maybe be helpful and educational as opposed to whining about discrimination? I look forward to seeing you as an active volunteer next year.

    2. I seriously doubt she was being discriminatory on purpose! That was kind of mean to even insinuate. This whole read-a-thon is meant to be fun. I too look forward to seeing what mini-challenge you host next go around!

    3. I’ve thought about it and I am deeply offended and angry over your accusation that I was being discriminatory and picked an insensitive topic for a fun challenge. In fact, you showed your own small-mindedness with your comments.

      First of all, I did mention gingerbread and apple flavors, but I also said “maybe you like something else?” Clearly, I was leaving a door open for people to share what they like. You had the perfect opportunity to tell me about your country and what sorts of food and drink you all like.

      Secondly, you make the assumption that I am unfamiliar with food in your country. Perhaps that is the case, but you don’t know me. I have friends in Canada, Mexico, England, France, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Estonia, Romania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Japan, China, Australia, Armenia, and New Zealand. Maybe I’ve traveled. YOU DON’T KNOW ME. I may indeed be unfamiliar with your country and customs, but you don’t know that for sure. You’re going on your own bigoted assumptions.

      Also, you might not know this about me, but I live in the southern part of the United States and I am constantly fighting for equality. My region is rife with racism, xenophobia, sexism, and homophobia. I was called a “disgrace” to the church for calling out people for making sexist and racist comments. I had several teachers and friends on Facebook accuse me of being “racist against white people” for grieving over the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police. I am actively working within my political party to protest unfair voting practices in my city that disenfranchise minorities and the poor. In short, I am forever trying to strive for equality.

      If you feel discriminated against because of a silly selfie challenge involving a handful of autumn spices at a FREE reading even in which I USE MY OWN MONEY TO BUY A PRIZE then you, as we say in the South, have your head up your ass. There are so many horrors and injustices in this world. Bemoaning a lack of access to pumpkin spice is not a rallying cry, it simply shows that you are a spoiled brat.

      1. I did not call you racist, xenophobic, sexist or homophobic and I did not call your topic insensitive. Also I did not try to imply any of these things. I said ‘Unless you are being discriminatory on purpose.’, which was not offensive in nature. At least it was not supposed to be.

        This is not my first read-a-thon. I know that there are some people that can not or do not want to pay international shipping, which is fine, btw.

        That part of the note was really not supposed to be an accusation; discrimination, from my dictionary is “to notice and understand that one thing is different from another thing; to recognize a difference between things” and I used it as in “mark my note, unless there are reasons you did what you did and are aware that you are making a distinction”.

        That was as much an exit out as it was β€œmaybe you like something else?”

        I thought you got offended by the ‘not everyone is from USA’ part, which I think still stands, even if it is your time and money. I can not afford to give a prize, so I did not volunteer to host a mini-challenge.

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