Readerly Rambles: 21 September 2015

readerly rambles

What I read: East of Eden by John Steinbeck. This book was picked by you lovely reader on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in the comments for my classic book for August (ummm it took me a while to read it). If ever there was a book to deserve a proper review it is East of Eden. I lack the ability to sum up how much adored this book in a thoughtful and critical manner, so you will have to make do with over-dramatic exclamations of fondness. Ahem: DEAR LORD THAT WAS A MARVELOUS READ!!! Now, go forth and read it. If you’re lucky I may get around to writing a proper review that reins in my exuberance.

~~~ Stats ~~~

Started: 15 August 2015

Finished: 16 September 2015

Pages: 602


Owned/Borrowed/Library: Owned

Stars: 5 out of 5


What I’m reading: I’ve a few days of a book break while I bask in the glory of Steinbeck. I’ve read a handful of short stories by H.P. Lovecraft for RIPX and I plan to review those once I finish my lovely Penguin Horror copy.


What’s up next: I have Lauren Owen’s The Quick in my bag and I plan on starting that this evening. This is also for the RIPX challenge; the Peril of the Group Read.


Other Bookish News: I went to the public library’s book sale this weekend and behaved so well. I picked up 5 books for $5. Check ’em out –

librarybooks5In other bookish news I completely bailed on the Dog Days of Summer Readathon, BUT I am totally participating in the 24-hour Read-a-thon happening in October. Sign-ups are live! I love this year’s button, BTW!


Happy Reading!



  1. East of Eden is the only Steinbeck novel I can tolerate. The rest leave me too depressed for words. However, that one is a fascinating story and just so well-done. Catherine is deliciously despicable. I love it!

  2. E of E is my favourite Steinbeck, but I read it so long ago that I mainly remember how much I loved it rather than anything specific. Although I do recall a great discussion on the different translations of the bible & how these differences reflect the particular Christian offshoot they’re linked to. The power of ‘may, can’ and ‘shall’!

  3. East of Eden was one of those books that was too sprawling to truly review for me. Though I still liked Grapes of Wrath better. 😀

    I don’t think I’ll be able to do the readathon this October. It always seems to fall on the weekend of my son’s birthday, and between birthday and marching contest this year, taking up the entire weekend, I’m sure I won’t have time to even crack open a book. Perhaps one year. I’d really love to, especially as April is a time when I’m least likely to participate in anything, with the weather growing hot and my depression settling in. October is the time I love doing things like this, but of course, kiddos are more important.

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