Busy, but good busy

“I am here alone for the first time in weeks, to take up my “real” life again at last. That is what is strange – that friends, even passionate love, are not my real life unless there is time alone in which to explore and to discover what is happening or has happened. Without the interruptions, nourishing and maddening, this life would become arid. Yet I taste it fully only when I am alone here and “the house and I resume old conversations”.”
― May Sarton

The past week has been so very full. Full in a good way, but I feel a bit overloaded by how much I have to think on and process. Perhaps others can just clip along with busyness, but I need the quit and the still to balance out the busy or my heart and mind become too full.

I thought I’d share – and process – some of the marvelous memories I’ve made this week.



I figured I start with the day after my last post. The morning started with a trip to Dunkin Donuts for Sam’s birthday. Then  busy work day of meetings. Race home and a respite of a little over an hour and then ballet class for Atticus. Knitting Knerds in the evening and I managed to finish, wash, and block the baby blanket. I didn’t remember to take pictures. #winning


An even busier day at work because I knew I would be leaving early. Left at 2:15 for therapy. Then grocery store shopping. Then dinner and laundry.


The babysitter arrived by 9 and we left around 9:20 for our date day. We drove to Athens and enjoyed book stores and art supply buying, but Athens was not doing it for us. Although it was an away game day, there were football fans crawling the downtown area. In addition there were two festivals that we just didn’t feel like dealing with; we didn’t want crowds. We just wanted time alone. I was happy with my book purchases and Sam had some great ink, so we decided to head back to our hometown. We had some pumpkin spice lattes and I fished two wooden animals out of my bag. Atticus gave them to us so we wouldn’t “be lonely or forget him” while we were gone. Be still my heart. The night ended with Thai food and we were back at home by 7 to get the kids in bed. The babysitter took them to the park TWICE, cleaned our house, and did our laundry. I came home to exhausted kids who were ready for bed and a spotless house. It was pretty much the best thing ever. We topped off the evening with an episode of Twin Peaks on Netflix.



I nabbed a bit of time to myself in the morning and read East of Eden. That afternoon I had a “date” with Atticus. We went to Old Navy to get my growing boy some new jeans. Then to Starbucks for pumpkin spice lattes (decaf for Atticus) and scones. While we were there Atticus asked me to tell him spooky stories so I made one up on the spot about a spooky house and scared the beejesus out of him. Mom fail. That night I went to bed early.


I went to work that morning and was quite busy. Projects were due, ILL requests streamed in, and my entire afternoon was filled with meetings. I was done by 4, went home and had a brief nap, and then I got ready to meet up with my friend Natasha. We were Athens bound and saw Purity Ring at the Georgia Theater and it was amazing! Afterwards we all had pizza (me, Natasha, and our friend Sean) and then it was back home. I didn’t get home until 3:30 in the morning.


I slept late on Tuesday and worked the closing shift. I didn’t get to see the kids much, but I’m glad I had some sleep that morning. Once again, work was busy. I was home by 10:15 and promptly crashed.



The little kids were out of school as the Pre-K and daycare were closed for professional development. We had haircuts in the morning, playtime, and a solid hour and a half at the park. That evening Sam took Hope out to dinner for their 5-Year Adoption Day Celebration. I love this picture of Hope. Her sweet nature simply shines through. I finally, FINALLY, had some reading time in the evening and finished Steinbeck’s East of Eden. It was marvelous books.


More interlibrary loan at work. I put on my headphones, cranked up Crystal Castles and worked my booty off. Then ballet in the afternoon and more knitting with friends at night. Last night was a terrible night for sleep. Persy was up from 12:45am until 4am. Reason why? 1) I’m night weaning and she was pissed she couldn’t nurse and 2) she was overly excited about the bounce house planned for today. At 4am I woke Sam and told him to just turn TV on and stay with her in the living room. I slept hard until it was time to wake at 6:40 this morning.


I was planning on participating in Bloggiesta and the Readathon, but I just need a few days in which to do nothing. There will be grocery shopping, family cuddles, a trip to the library book sale, some reading, and some knitting, but nothing PLANNED. My goal is to stay home and hide for a few days! I’m aching for an introvert reboot.

Let me know what’s kickin’ in your neck of the woods and I’ll be back early next week (if not sonner).



  1. I hear you! I’m hoping to join you tomorrow afternoon just doing nothing. My youngest dd got accepted to the library volunteer program and she has her orientation in the morning. Yay!
    I almost spat water on my screen when I read about you scaring Atticus. Maybe mom fail this week, but I’m guessing it will be funny to you both in a few years. Love Persy’s haircut – actually, love all the pics. Hope you have enough quiet this weekend to get your batteries recharged. 🙂

  2. It does sound like a good busy time. I love those days, though, that you can just sit back and relax. I decided not to do bloggiesta et al either just because I needed some time to myself. Today the boys and Jason will be out for about six hours, and I plan to just enjoy my quiet time!!

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