Works in Progress: 9 September 2015

works in progress


Babies. Babies everywhere. NO, not me… but everyone else is procreating. This translates into a very busy yarn season (oh, embroidery… I miss thee). I am nearly done with one baby blanket for pregnant friend #1. I have five rounds left, weaving in the ends, and then trying to soften the yarn and blocking. My goal is complete this blanket by tomorrow night. Then I have 21 washcloths to complete to make my ABC alphabet cloth set. That is headed to pregnant friend #2. I have a goal to have that done by 10/15. Then there is a “themed” blanket that must be done by 11/15 for pregnant friend #3. Pregnant friend #4 will get her blanket by 12/15. If I timed everything right babies will have blankies four to eight weeks after they are born. Fingers crossed. Then it is on to the Christmas stitching … and baby things for my friends due in January and February.

But first let’s take a look at blanket for friend #1:

tonyablanketI spent a solid hour on Monday wandering around the yarn shop and trying to yarn. I wanted to do the border in one of the colors in this variegated yarn. Everything clashed. The yellow is bright, cheerful, and looks nice with the other colors. #winning

Upcoming Projects

  1. I’m going to a craft fair this weekend and that is pretty exciting!
  2. I’m getting together some autumn-themed Pinterest inspiration for Trish’s upcoming Pin-it and Do-it challenge.
  3. Nanowrimo. Provided we don’t have a tot with a 9-day stomach flu (that happened last year) I will be participating.

On to the projects!!!



  1. Love the bright yellow border! I’m having my annual autumn inner-war — craft projects vs. read more books. Right now, I’m splitting my time, but as it cools off a bit more, books may win out. I *really* need to learn to listen to audio books so I can do both! Happy crafting to you!

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