A Holiday Weekend with Friends and Books

Early Saturday morning I wrote about eagerly anticipating my weekend plans. Let me tell you that my 24-hours filled with friends and books was even more exciting than I had previously imagined.

I arrived at my best-friend Shannon’s house in the late afternoon. I chatted with Shannon and her wife Amy while Atticus and Persy Jane played with their son. Sam took the kids home around five and then I spent the rest of the evening on their fabulous screened porch drinking (didn’t get drunk, no worries), eating fondue, and chatting. Amy and Shannon’s friend and Shannon’s little brother came over. My friend, Kim, from work stopped by as well. There was also an appearance by a cardboard cutout of Cody Simpson. No idea why, but he looks really real in the pictures.

Shannon cheese for the camera


Leave it to librarian Kim to find a kitty to cuddlefondue

Allllll the fondue!!!


Cody Simpson, y’all

I went to bed around 12:30am and slept for a glorious and uninterrupted 7 hours. I was sore and stiff when I woke because I am so used to getting up several times a night with kids or the cat. In the morning I showered and dressed (let me tell you library cat skirt got many compliments at the book fest) and had a cup of coffee. Then it was off to meet Thomas, from Hogglestock, at Cakes and Ale. I was so nervous meeting Thomas and now I have no idea why. Thomas is so warm and easy to talk to and he ordered some delicious pastries. We talked books (of course), politics, religion, family, etc… After we parted ways I immediately thought of a billion other things I wanted to ask him and those are all going in a letter this week. Thing you may not know about Thomas, he is super tall. Pictures don’t convey the height. I don’t see very many people taller than Sam, but I’m pretty sure Thomas is taller.


Airy cinnamon sugar muffin like things and delicious plum pastries.


Ignore my ratchet hair, focus on the happy faces.

Shannon and I parted ways with Thomas at the Decatur Book Festival in front of the Libba Bray tent. I had every intention of seeing Libba Bray, but as the crowd of teenagers thickened and the noise increased I found myself really just wanting quiet and books. We left and walked around the festival for a few minutes on our way to the Georgia Antique Book and Paper fair. It was indoors (yay) and had hundreds of rare and valuable books. I knew I couldn’t afford anything and limited my purchases to one inexpensive Spider-man book for Sam. The book smell was awesome and I loved looking at the beautiful bindings and illustrations. There was also plenty of ephemera and I spent a fair amount of time sifting through Victorian postcards, buttons, and paper cuttings. We emerged almost two hours later after multiple bookgasms.

more rare books rarebooks festivalstreet

We followed up with lunch at a Taco Mac, gobs of sweet tea, and then it was back home. It was lovely to see my family, but I sure needed this weekend of time with adult friends and books. Next year? Shannon doesn’t know this yet, but I’ll be there all weekend for the book festival!



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