Goodbye August, Hello September

August 2016

What a month! August sped by too quickly, but I am so ready for “autumn.” Temperatures are still hovering close to 90, but there is a crispness in the air first thing in the morning and I’ve seen at least one richly-hued red leaf. Autumn, y’all Let’s recap August:

  • Hope started 10th grade, Atticus moved to Pre-K, and Persy Jane is in the 2’s class.
  • I read very little, but managed to finish the first to books in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and I’m more than halfway through East of Eden.
  • I started my respecting myself by dressing nicely quest. Many purchases, but I did stay within budget. Hey, I was even on the Librarian Wardrobe Tumblr!
  • I had some highlights. I was elected VP of the Young Democrats chapter, I had dinner with friends, and loads of time with Hope one on one (which I don’t get much).
  • There were some low moments too. Health issues and a doctor visit that resulted in a clean bill of health, but only after I was treated like a sea cow. Stress at work. Minor car issues. You, know just responsible adult things everyone hates.
  • I worked a yearbook camp as library “security” and made some extra cash. I have the kid’s Christmas money as a result and I can begin budgeting and stashing away gifts.
  • I spruced up my blog! Shiny!
  • Participated in a kick-ass book blogger swap
  • Scored excellent finds at the Bargain Hunt.

Onto September! I have so many plans!

  • My RIP pile. Yay!
  • The Decatur book festival, spending time with my friend Shannon, and meeting up with Thomas!
  • A date day planned that includes a trip to a craft fair
  • Purity Ring!
  • The Dog Days of Summer Readathon
  • Not one, but TWO library book sales
  • Creative Collective meetings and a new writing group
  • A welcome autumn party with some dear friends
  • The return of the Pumpkin Spice latte!

In addition I have SO MANY crochet/knitting projects to finish for all 500 expectant moms I know and I’ll be busting out the autumn baking.

Now if I could just get Atticus through this virus I can attack September with gusto.

Happy September!




  1. I love these monthly recaps, and September is sounding great. I, too, have been looking forward to R.I.P. for a while and am ready for the cooler temperatures. It’s amazing to me how much cooler 93 feels than 99! We’ve actually had some cool low-70’s mornings this week. Hope that Atticus is feeling better soon!

  2. Okay – I gotta ask – what is “purity ring”?

    I wish it was even in the least bit feeling like fall here. Not even the touch of a hint yet. I imagine we’ll get the first hints at the end of September when the overnight lows drop into the high 60s for the first time…

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