Thrifted: The Thrifty not Thrifted Edition


No thrift store finds today, but I do have something thrifty and nifty to share. A year or two ago a Bargain Hunt opened in my home town. This place is amazing! Discount stuff galore! I’ve purchased kichen items, a boppy, kids toys and books, food, and even a LEGO Lord of the Rings set for so cheap.

Bargain Hunt works like this: they get stuff in and it has a price and a date on it. When the date on the label passes the item is automatically discounted. You can use the paper guide in the store or the app to calculate costs. For example one purchase today – A Charlie Harper puzzle – had date of May 20th. The original cost of the puzzle (pre-Bargain Hunt) was $20. The Bargain Hunt cost was $12. Because of the May date the puzzle was 70% off. My final cost? $3.60.

Amazing! Thrift store rules apply at Bargain Hunt. Go early, go often, and be prepared to dig. Also, there will be times when you find nothing and times when you have to talk yourself out of buying the entire store. Today I had to talk myself out of buying a $6 Totoro figurine set.

Wanna see what I bought today?


– Puzzle 70% off, $3.60
– R.E.M. CD, $1
– Victorian Earl Grey tea 10% off, $2.70
– 2 bags Newman’s Own Organic raisins, 10% off, $1.80 each
– Bob’s Red Mill veggie soup mix 20% off, $1.60
– 2 boxes Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies $1 each

Total with tax: $15.52.

In September I will be visting Bargain Hunt on a weekly basis to start my Christmas shopping for the kids so expect more updates; just no spilling the beans about “Santa’s workshop.”


One comment

  1. TOTORO!!!

    Okay, now that THAT’S out of my system…hehehe, I love thrift stores. We don’t have a Bargain Hunt here, but we have a great place called Thrift Town that has a tiered level of pricing based on condition, and different colored tags. Every day, 1-2 tags are discounted at 50% off. Sometimes you get lucky and all the stuff you find is discounted, sometimes not, but even the “more expensive” stuff is worth the price. Brand name, tag-still-on stuff for $8, that sort of thing. Brand new prom dresses for $15 (like 10% or less of the new cost). It’s great.

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