List Love: Blog Posts by Fierce Women

list loveI love lists and I love a challenge. Have an idea for a list you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments.

Today’s List: Blog Posts by Fierce Women

I didn’t chose “viral” posts, but I picked my five favorite posts by women written this year. These are the posts that elicit a fist pump or a hell yeah. They stay with me… in my heart and in my brain. Tiny bloggy rays of hope and belonging. I’m looking to add to this list and I would welcome the chance for you to share a post (or your post!) that is meaningful to you. I’ll compile them and do an update in a few days.

  1. Katie, a college friend and colleague wrote this inspiring piece on Imposter Syndrome. Katie may not know it yet, but she is the next Anne Lamott.
  2. My beautiful and strong friend Amanda who is starting a new journey to wellness and learning to love herself.
  3. Fellow introvert and mama Trish writing about The Importance of Me Time.
  4. Andi destroys the myth of the crappy blogger.
  5. This from Rachele… I read this every few weeks.

Keep up the fierce writing, ladies!



  1. Excuse me. I just fainted from the Anne Lamott compliment. ❤ I am glad you liked that post, and i hope you followed my instructions and did the homework. You're definitely a kick ass mom and writer, and I hope you see that!

  2. Thank you for including me with other fierce women (I might just have to stand up and yell “HEAR ME ROAR!!”). 😉 Now I need to go check out Rachele and Katie. And thank YOU for being such a fierce example. xo

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