Blog Sprucing

Yesterday I wrote a general health update and discussed how I plan on blogging differently in the future. This weekend I was library “security” for a high school yearbook camp. Translation = lots of down time when students were in classes, which afforded me the ability to plan and jot down ideas. I thought I’d share what I accomplished in case any of you find it useful:


  1. I created a blog binder. I love the internet and computers, but I think better on paper. I made a blog binder out of a 1″ binder, some dividers and some super cute (AND FREE) printables from Enchanting Details. I also included a monthly calendar and some loose leaf notebook paper for ideas and notes. Flair pens are a must for blog planning, just sayin’.
  2. I developed a rotating schedule for the following post topics:
    1. Monday: Readerly Rambles
    2. Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday or List Love
    3. Wednesday: Works in Progress or What I’m Loving
    4. Thursday: Book Reviews, Thursday Thoughts, or A Day in the Life
    5. Friday: Fashion Friday or Weekend Cooking
    6. Saturday: Snapshot Saturday
    7. Sunday: Sunday Scribbles
  3.    I made some new images with PicMonkey for the “features” that didn’t have buttons; here are a few: WhatILove dayinthelife fashion friday
  4. Then I made templates. I created drafts with the general “look” I want and information I need for a post. Now I can copy and paste what I need and fill out the details. It should help with streamlining my posting and create a more uniform look. I also put notes in when I didn’t have an image (for example, that book covers go to the right on the post) and I loaded tags I knew I would use.
  5. Next I signed up for HootSuite and loaded my Twitter, Fig and Thistle Facebook page, and Instagram. I’m not really pleased with how Instagram loads, but it does make responding and keeping up with followers easier.
  6. The big thing for me was finding the time to blog. Now that school is in session I don’t have the hour or two in the afternoon for blogging. I leave straight from work and pick up the kids. I know for blogging to be successful I need to learn to blog in batches. I decided on Sundays and Wednesdays I would focus on blog content. My goal is to write 3 to 4 posts on Sundays and 2 to 3 posts on Wednesdays. I’m allowing myself the freedom to not feel like I need to just write for the week at hand. For example, I may do a large batch of book reviews and then stagger the publication out.
  7. To help prepare me for my writing days I printed off some blog content planning sheets (not showing as now I cannot find the link). I’m blocking off my 30 minute lunch breaks for outlining, sketching out ideas, and making a list of things to do for the posts (for example: take pictures of cooking, find the link to blah blah, etc…). I’ve tried to use my 30 minute lunch for reading, but everyone in the world stops by to talk and it doesn’t seem to matter where I hide and how much bitchy resting face I give. I can at least jot down ideas while I eat.

Let’s see if this works. If you are a blogger, let me know how you organize your writing. I’m always fascinated to learn how we all have different creative processes. I have some more blog sprucing ideas, but I’m saving those for September’s Bloggiesta (go sign-up now!).



  1. I love this post so much. With much less reading going on around here (a side effect of stress and change), I’m going to have to change up the way I blog, and I know bringing in a wider variety of topics is probably the way to go for me. Plus, a fun blog planner? Yes, please! Looking forward to what bursts forth from your brain!

  2. Good luck with the reorganizing – I hope you find a good system for you. I think I’m about to undergo a blog overhaul with the boys starting school next week. Wish me luck too, haha! I’m off to see what hootsuite is…

  3. I love this post! I’m in the throes of a blogging funk myself, so I really like the idea of planning like this. I’m bookmarking this page so that I can refer to it, as I sit down this weekend and do my own soul searching on how to move forward.

  4. I know I’m impossibly late (has it really been 3 weeks since I opened Feedly?!), but got a question about templates. Are you on or .org? I’m writing up a post on templates for Bloggiesta (because I LOVE them), but I use a plug-in which isn’t helpful for .com and Blogger users. I do have some things that worked for me on Blogger that I can share, but don’t know much about Is there a copy post feature that you use? Mind if I pick your brain a bit??

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